HAINAN SANYA – China has begun training female Navy Seals.

Elite women from across China tried to make the cut for the first ever Chinese Navy Seals.  Modeled after the U.S. Navy Seal Training program, these Chinese women were put through a week of intense training, including the killer “devil day” that forced a number of the aspiring Seals to drop out.

The girls had to undertake 8-10 months of training to master the basics of combat and self-defense, before even beginning the Seal tryout.   They all had to have university degrees as well.

The big difference with the U.S. Naval Seal program is that the women had to be deemed “beautiful” by the commanding officers.  If a woman was not “beautiful” she was eliminated.

Only twenty women were selected as Chinese Seals.

China feels that the women, who look unassuming, are the most elite fighting force on the planet and can rival, and surpass, the elite fighters from Israel and the U.S.

Chinese military officials told WWN that these women are smartest, strongest, and deadliest soldiers – in the world.   The source told WWN that if the Chinese female Seals were hunting someone like Osama Bin Laden, then would find him and take him out within two days.  That’s what they say…

Below are some exclusive pictures from “Devil Day.”

The recruits running sprints across the beach:

They call this the “human ladder.”

A female recruit stepping on another recruits abdomens.  They were then forced to jump-up-and down on the recruits stomachs for – half and hour!

The drill sargeant forcing them to hold their breath for three minutes.

The drill sergeant punishing a eam member who couldn’t carry on by tossing hot water on her:

The four-hour long circle crawl:

The beach crawl:

The marathon at the end of the day:

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