BREAKING – WWN has learned that Newt Gingrich is going to announce a switch to the Democratic Party and is throwing his support behind Barack Obama.

Republican candidate for President, Newt Gingrich, who has been bashing Mitt Romney, capitalism and the Republican party is set to make a major announcement on Monday, right before the South Carolina primary.

WWN has learned that Newt Gingrich is so disillusioned with the Republican Party and the “rich, white guys” that run the party, that  he is switching allegiances and registering as a Democrat.

Will he challenge Barack Obama for the Democratic Nomination for President?  “Newt has been talking to the President a good deal over the last few days.  Newt will not seek the Democratic Nomination, but President Obama has promised that Newt will be appointed to a high-level cabinet position once Obama is re-elected.

“The Republicans are the party for rich, capitalist pigs,” Gingrich reportedly told reporters in South Carolina.  “I am confident that with Mitt Romney as their nominee, they will lose in a landslide to Barack Obama.”

Nancy Pelosi was thrilled that Newt joined the Democratic Party.  “I always knew he was a Democrat at heart, I’m glad he finally admitted it publicly,” Pelosi reportedly said.

Gingrich told WWN that he has “volumes and volumes” of negative research on Mitt Romney and that he is turning it all over Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Asked whether he was a socialist, Gingrich thought for a moment and reportedly said, “FDR is the greatest president the United States has ever had.  If you think FDR is a socialist, than I am a socialist.  I think government, big government, is the answer to most, if not all, of America’s problems.  The bigger the government, the more good we can do.”

Gingrich always held many far-left position, including his thoughts on illegal immigration.  Gingrich believes that ALL illegal immigrants in the  United States should get amnesty, and that open borders would help the U.S. economy.  “We have plenty of room in our country.  I say, we cap the country at 50o million.  Once we hit that number, we can close the border, until then, I say let them all in!”

Gingrich all supports gay marriage, abortion, taxes on big oil, higher taxes on the wealthy, Obamacare and he strong believe in climate change.  He is meeting with Al Gore this weekend to come up with a plan that will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the United States.

How does Gingrich feel about declaring himself a Democrat?

“Like the weight of the world is off my shoulders.”

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    • read John Hospers' "The Libertarian Manifesto" for a very long essay espousing ideas that Gingrich will never get on board with.

  1. Well Newt and Obama have about the exact same views on illegal immigration – they love it – so why not support each other? Maybe they can both go live in Mexico together.


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