HOLLYWOOD – In what could  be a new celebrity trend, Matt Damon,  announced he will give all his future earnings to the U.S. government.
Matt Damon believes that the rich are not taxed enough.  He believes that the tax rate on wealthy Americans should be at least 80%.  “England has the right idea, the wealthy should give almost all of their money to the government, so that wealth is spread around.”
Damon has come under fire from some on the right wing, but Damon has put his money where his mouth is.  “I am going to give 100% of my future earnings on all money I make from every source, to the government.  I trust the government to use the money in better was than I could.

Damon is reportedly worth over $200 million.  He will hold on to that money – and vows to keep most of it in bank accounts in Switzerland, but anything that he earns from now on will go to the government.
Democratic leaders applauded Damon’s “contribution” and urged all Americans who make over $250,00 a year to donate any money they make over that amount to the U.S. Government.  “If Americans gave 100% of their salaries – over $250,000 – to the government – we could wipe out our debt in ten years,” said Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.
Pelosi, however, will not be donating any money to the government.  “I have too many grandchildren.  They all need money for college.”
Damon has asked Bono of U2 to join him in “donating” to his country.  Bono is currently “hiding” most of his money outside of Ireland and has come under fire from Irish citizens for doing so.  “Bono could make a $2 billion gift to Ireland tomorrow, and I think he should.  Governments help people, we need to support them, ” Damon said.

Here’s a recent video of Damon talking about the rich paying their  fair share:

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  1. Very admirable. Our debt is going to kill this country. However, I have NO faith that the government will use this money wisely. But I do agree anyone that's making big bucks should pay some taxes. There are so many loop holes for the rich. I'm not rich but I'm self-employed and some years have paid NO taxes totally legally. That's not right.

  2. I wrote to the White House a few weeks ago proposing a similar suggestion; that we create a Friends of America campaign, to help bail this great nation out of its sink hole!
    The only difference is that I'm a single woman on disability, earning tremendously less than Matt Damon. Still, I love what he's doing. This is OUR country… remember Kennedy– "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!"
    It's up to ALL OF US to save it. As for the above mentioned comment, you are right, human nature, being what it is, tends towards GREED and ARROGANCE and CRUELTY. Human nature often leans towards the ME FIRST attitude, but it is also a race that has in times past shown great humanity and kindness during times of struggle… even if we get enough people to bail us out, at least we buy time till they screw it up again! lol 🙂 Being poor, I'll take any blessing I can get at our darkest hour.

  3. What a retard. Most governments pick over your income penny by penny anyway only to spend it on themselves, enriching themselves and justifying it, like the so called "war on terror" or "Arms Deal" in South Africa. If government is in debt, it's because of retard decisions and bad management of that money. Anyone saying that government can spend it wiser then themselves is even more retarded.
    Taxing the rich to give to the poor under this kind of thinking is a legal form of theft and doesn't actually solve anything other than making communist thinking fools happy.
    I say that anyone who holds any high government office, must only do so WITHOUT receiving any kind of compensation from government, they must fund it from their private businesses. That way, if their business does well, then you know that he/she is a good manager of money and can be trusted with managing your taxes. If his/her business goes bankrupt, then you cannot trust them with one cent. Furthermore, they must be audited every six months for any kind of financial irregulatiries and their businesses books must be open to public scrutiny.
    Do this and any governmental debt disappears within three terms of office of whatever administration happens to be running the show. But there is no political will in the world other than to bully others with legal garbage on how to screw them for their money.
    So before spouting socialist / communist thinking, consider the repurcussions.
    Incidentally, I'm not rich, but one day, I might be and I want the free enterprise market to work in my favour too.

  4. Five comments so far and only 1 of the 5 shows someone with none of the right stuff. Not bad, seems just about right, twenty percent of nasties is something we can handle.
    Just think of how much sooner we would be out of debt if we had a strong and healthy middle class.

  5. They are hiding all thier money so it won't be taxed, while claiming the "rich" should pay higher taxes. Typical liberal hypocrites.
    Oh and here's a little secret, they plan to keep and send ALL of thier future earnings to Switzerland.

  6. My husband was just telling me about what a big gambler Matt Damon is – plays high stakes poker in Vegas. Better he give his money to the government than lose it at the table.

  7. II just read that Matt Damon is a big gambler in Vegas – participates in high-roller poker games and such. So this is just another way of gambling his money. I'd like to think if I had plenty of money, I'd give a lot of it away to my favorite causes.

  8. Maybe he should make that retroactive and see if he still likes the idea. It's easy to say things like that when you have $200 million in the bank or invested.

  9. I think he shouldm give it to Ron Pauls campaign. it would do more good there than have the gubberment throw it down a rat hole!!

  10. Sure is easy to say you will donate all future earnings when you're sitting on $2 mil in Switzerland. I wouldn't have to work any more either and thereby not have to pay any taxes in the future. While there is plenty said about his noble, but relatively empty jester, I'm surprised no one jumped all over Pelosi.
    The arrogance and stupidity of that woman never ceases to amaze me. Why does she think she's the only one with children and grandchildren that she needs her money for, yet everyone else needs to donate their money. I worked hard getting my education to earning a good salary. While i don't make $250K per year it's not that much money when you add up all your expenses either. Between the house, car , kids, college, etc we still don't have that much in savings.
    If you want the gov't to get out of debt the solution is easy. Have all elected officials live by the same standards they set for the rest of us. Their pension funds should be the same SS they set for us, set term limits like the president (no more careers living off the tax payers dollars), remove all their special perks especially the lifetime pension they receive after only serving a single term.
    Typical Dem response, this is a great idea to donate your money, but not mine. Get rid of the welfare state. Make people work for their money. If they can't get a job, their unemployment should be tied to education to getting a job, or providing civil service. They should not be to paid to just sit at home complaining or "occupying". How many of those people were still collecting unemployment while not looking for work?


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