SAN ANTONIO –  Rumors are spreading that President Obama ordered fires set in Texas.  He’s had enough of The Lone Star State!
Rumors are spreading across the internet that President Obama ordered the U.S. Military to set fires across Texas.  The Obama Administration has very little support in Texas and he wanted to “teach them a lesson.”

This came on the heals of an interview with a Dallas reporter.  President Obama met with a senior political reporter for WFAA, Brad Watson, sat down with President Barack Obama to discuss things like the economy, immigration and the president’s approval rating.
Watson asked the President some tough questions, and the President got snippy, telling Watson, “next time let me finish my answers.”
President Obama reportedly stormed into The Oval Office, slammed doors and punched walls, then ordered the military to “start burning Texas.”   Military commanders objected, but the President was firm.  “I lost that state by almost 11 percent of the vote.   We need to send them a message, that’s not going to fly in 2012!’

Massive wildfires have already burned an estimated 1.5 million acres of tinder-like brush and grasslands, most of that since the President was asked a tough question by Watson.
Some 220 homes in all have been lost, according to a letter released on Sunday from Perry to President Barack Obama requesting a federal disaster declaration.
“As wildfires continue to rage across our state, Texas is reaching its capacity to respond to these emergencies and is in need of federal assistance,” the governor said in a statement.
President Obama, however, will not be sending Texas any federal aid.  “Until they change their voting ways, I say… burn, baby, burn!!”

Here’s the interview that started the fires:

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4 thoughts on “OBAMA BURNS TEXAS!”

  1. well "Nix" that shows the intelligence level there, because everyone knows that blowing a fire makes it worse! Lets remember whats important here folks……."UNITED WE STAND, AND DIVIDED WE FALL!" Lets stop worrying about Democrate, Republican, conservative, or liberal and lets focus on being We The People and take charge of the leadership we have elected…..and hold them responsible.

  2. Don't you people realize that this whole weekly world news thing is as an online supermarket tabiloid which means everything mentioned on this site is a hoax. They even mentioned that Facebook would shut down in march of 2011. well guess what it's still up and running there is no way possible a 10 billion dollar website would shut down even CNN said it was a hoax written by weekly world news., But I don't doubt that our Muslium president secretly ordered fires started in Texas. But I still don't believe anything mentioned on this site if you've viewed this information somewhere elese I would suggest that you go to weekly world news.com and do an investigation


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