SAO JOSE – A runaway bull smashes its way out of a small clothes shop in Brazil!
Shoppers in the town of Sao Jose do Rio Preto witnessed the peculiar scene when the bull took up residence in the clothing store after escaping from a vehicle.
The bull was one of several animals let loose after the truck transporting them crashed on a local highway.
A group of daring local residents tried to capture the cornered animal, but it as they approached it smashed head first through the shop’s glass window.
The men stood their ground and managed to lasso the raging bull as it broke free. The animal was later taken to the more familiar surroundings of a local cattle farm.

Shop assistant David Nunes, who hid in the bathroom for an hour whilst the bull remained in the store, said: “I’m still scared, that sort of thing never happens.”
See for yourself:

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