LAFAYETTE, CO – Hundreds of people have spotted the UFO hovering over Colorado!
There was a strange triangular formation of lights hovering above this Colorado town for the last few weeks. Local authorities have tried to dismiss the unidentified lights as a satellite, but John Malley, the chief expert on the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has confirmed that the UFO is an alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba.
“The lights over Lafayette belong to three Zeeban spaceships. They are part of the ongoing alien invasion that started in October, 2010 and will continue until December 2015.”
Leroy van der Vegt and his son Nick captured the spaceships on video (below).
“It was completely quiet. No noise at all,” van der Vegt said.
The  red lights did not blink but were in a triangular shape as they hovered in the sky.
Van der Vegt doesn’t believe authorities when they say the lights are a satellite.   “I believe Dr. Malley of the U.N.  Those lights were definitely not a satellite, helicopter or an airplane.  They are UFOs.”

Lester Valdez and all of his neighbors saw the Zeeban spacecrafts.
“I have never witnessed anything like that,” said Valdez.
He said they looked like tiny, bright alien ships from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”
“It was exactly something like that where you see an object and they all got into a pattern and they stood in a pattern, and they all moved in a direction and then they pretty much dropped and that was it,” Valdez said.
Grant Gazvoda and two friends sat in front of a Lafayette convenience store talking about the lights. Gazvoda said he saw them Monday night as he and friends were out stargazing.
“When it flew over, there was a really weird energy. Almost like a hyper need to move. My mind started racing. My body started shaking,” Gazvoda said. ” I freaked out at that point.”
Some residents said the spaceships got close off that they could see into the spaceship.  “I saw two blue aliens in the cockpit of the spaceship,” said Dorothy Miller.  “I ain’t no nut case.  I saw what I saw.  There were blue aliens in those spaceships!”

WWN called the Federal Aviation Administration and the Obama Administration for comment.  But all they said was, “We love WWN, but you guys are wrong on this one.  It’s just a satellite.”
Dr. Malley took exception to their comment.  “The U.S. government, and all governments around the world, are covering up the alien invasion.  Citizens of earth must band together and prepare… or die.”
Here’s the videos captured by witnesses:

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    • Yeah its the same old tourists dammit,lets invite the nice ones and bring em to Disney then
      Roswell so they can link up with Grandpa and Grandma since they haven't seen them since 1947.

  1. If the Aliens invade maybe they will kill or the rotten people first,you know the ones that fired everybody for fun or are just plain evil and deserve to be punished!

    • No. We have massively invaded the space. There are Tellstar, Sputnik, Laika and the MoonMartin. Who is to blame when the space is over growdied? Aliens can not harm enybody in earth because we have the power.

  2. UFOs from where? Some secret bully fad place on earth? Beware!!!
    The earth already has enough resources to have saved all those that died under the sunami, very easy with just a bit of investment of about $1000 to $2000. US Dollars each unit – an easy invention that can fit in any room as a closet in various sizes as an escape proof solid unit. I have a copywrite protection on this so simple invention.

  3. I have seen it the same thing in Australia with many others back in 28 May 1998, I will never forget this. It is amazing how many people seen it and only one or two reported this. It was not a joke.


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