WASHINGTON – Katie Couric showed up for her CBS interview of VP Joe Biden and – he locked her in a closet!
Vice President Joe Biden so much fun locking a reporter – Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers – that he when Katie Couric came to interview him about  the incident, he locked her in a closet.
“I loved putting Katie in a closet.  It was so much fun,”  Biden said.
Couric was left alone in the closet for almost three hours.  Biden’s staff was surprised, because he has long been an admirer of Couric’s … talents.

Couric complained to White House staff about the way she was treated, but White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “We have a long-standing policy here that when the VP wants to put someone in the closet, we do it.”
While Couric was in the closet, Biden told a number of knock-knock jokes, none of which Katie thought were funny.
“Joe, I know it’s you.”
“All right, who’s there?”
“How who?”
“How about you quit CBS and let me be the anchor.”
WWN spoke to sources inside the White House who say that Biden is now “Closet Happy,” and staffers are afraid to bring any reporter within fifteen feet of Biden if there is a closet anywhere in sight.
President Obama had this to say about Biden and his closet fetish.  “As long as Joe is busy, then I am happy. The last thing we want him to do is get involved in national affairs.”
“Knock-knock.”  Joe said in response as he knocked on his bald head.

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  1. Why did the accutely verbal diarhea afflicted VP ever let her out of the closet ?I mean Couric's
    ratings are in the tank.Couric needs to have her head examined if she realy thinks Biden's jokes are funny.


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