LAS VEGAS, NV – President-Elect Obama’s streak of intergalactic bad luck continues this week as the Installation Commander of Area 51 refused to hand over the keys.
Earlier in the week it was reported that the Obama Transition Team has been clashing with NASA over the qualifications of representatives assigned to work with the organization.
Obama traveled to Las Vegas yesterday to create space between his Transition Team and the investigation into embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
Under the cloak of a quick gambling trip, Obama slipped away to the top-secret military installation.
While the United States government and military has never confirmed the existence of aliens and UFOs at Area 51, Weekly World News has reported the facts for years.
Unconfirmed reports explain that the President-Elect arrived outside Area 51 sometime between four and six in the morning and spent at least 45 minutes attempting to gain access to the facility.
A Weekly World News hidden microphone picked up fragments of the conversation between Obama and the military personnel.
President-Elect Obama was heard saying, “Aw, come on!  This is the whole reason I ran for President!  Give me the keys, already!”
It is believed that after his inauguration, in addition to the black book of nuclear codes, Obama will finally receive a set of keys to Area 51.

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20 thoughts on “OBAMA DENIED AREA 51”

  1. If you all have read it up, no matter who is the leader or president, Area 51 runs off its own security and goverment, like it says in the theories, if your seen on the area, your dead, thats it

    • That's because it's a military base with top secret clearance. If you trespass on ANY base, you're shot on site. So, contrary to the conspiracy theories, that's the way it works. Those signs exist on every single (U.S.) military base on the planet, ESPECIALLY the ones requiring top secret clearance to access.

  2. Who is running area 51? If not the president, then we have another power greater than our own government in charge.

  3. this is just weird..!!! but its obvious that theres people even more powerful than the president..!!!!!! but dont fight for this thing ..its really not worth it..!!!!!!!!!! anyway they are never gonna tell us the 'big secret'. . . .

  4. This article is only partially correct. Obama was actually born in area 51 and he made a trip back so he could visit his alien dad. Apparently he's the first U.S. president to hold an intergalactic passport. Some have cried foul, stating that he used his extraterrestrial ESP powers to brainwash people into voting for him.

  5. You do know that the EBE's are no longer stored within the Area-51 facility there were transported to another dreamland base not too long after the 1990's when the hype of this facility really did enter into the public imagination.
    The reason he was denied entry was because the commander had full right not to permit entry untill the proper messages have traveled within the proper channels, shall we call the phrase "Officially", the only thing left for the staff at 51 have left to do is to remove all if any are left paper and media material with any hint of the existence of what they have been trying to back engineer…fly for the last 40 or so years.
    Although I know well before the installment of obama administration it would be likely those materials have left, as for the spacecraft or EBE's you retards they were moved long ago when you had a hint that they may have existed.
    As for the creatures who piloted this crashed technology they have since deceased and retired from the interview process, the EBE's are no longer able to be test piloted as the energy or fuel (unknown element) has been fully consumed in there test flights.
    The EBE's now have left the facility and will no longer leave the ground as it is impossible for them to do so now, however there are two special teams still working to back engineer them.
    I bet you still think they have left all evidence of such a case within 51 for the newly appointed staff of 51 to just go and look into, I guess you Americans really are about the sum of what you look, to be honest id like to use the word stupid but there are at least some intelligent people bred within the states, and i say some! that have kept you from seeing such a thing and will continue to succeed for many years to come.
    And they have good right from letting idiots such as yourself have any knowledge of such a thing, have you ever heard the phrase " A person can be reasoned with…People however are stupid" if the population were to know at worse they would almost certainly fall into chaos at best I'm sure there would be loony groups around, those who refuse to work or to storm the facility or something else bizarre.

  6. I tell ya, that Obama said he spotted a couple UFO's in the past 20 years..Could he have been kidnapped by aliens? If so, I have reason to believe that Obama is the key to the alien takeover. Get ready people! He is going to lead humanity into destruction.

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  8. Well in my opinion. I think that mankind is in grave danger if because there's alot of computer, engineer, specialist already hacked and personaly infiltrated the area 51. and all the the person who speak up about what they know or what they have discovered
    Always get their mouth shut, by unkown reason. Let me tell yah that john kennedy know something about this but when he is about to speak up he got assasinated. Im not a smart guy i get alot of failure grade but when u research all this alien area 51 and other secret's all of them are link together. Surely wish that they can tell us something really soon. This can be a serious threat to mankind

  9. Area 51 is prob ran by aliens themselves.i dont get how can u trust something so secret that the government doesnt even know.that is a threat to the whole world.


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