BOSTON – The same UFO that was seen over Virginia two days ago was seen over Boston last night!

People all across Boston were shocked to see a Blue UFO in the sky last night.  It first appeared at 1:30 a.m., and was sighted off-and-on for the next two hours.  The UFO seemed to change in size, but the circular shape remained the same

The same exact UFO was spotted over Centerville, Virginia on Monday.  Local authorities dismissed the sighting (as they always do) and said that there was a logical explanation for it – though they did not offer one.

They were quick to say that they do not think it is the same UFO that was spotted in Virginia, but UFO experts are convinced that this is part of a larger alien battalion of UFOs.

The Defense Department and Homeland Security confirmed to WWN that the UFO was spotted over Boston, but declined to make any further comments.  UFO experts are Harvard aren’t holding back, “That was definitely a UFO.  We think it is part of the alien invasion that has been predicted to take place in 2010 and 2011.  We must all prepare,” said Professor David Collins a Harvard astrophysicist.

“I woke my whole family up,” said Paul Costello of South Boston.  “I couldn’t believe me eyes, but it was there.  My children my scared, especially because they heard a high-pitched sound.  I didn’t hear it, but… we are scared to death.”

Costello said that though they were frightened for a couple of hours, he thought that the alien spaceship looked beautiful.  “We couldn’t take our eyes off it.

In the last month there have been UFOs spotted in New York, El Paso, Virginia, Boston, Sante Fe and Chicago.  Is there an explanation for the increased number of sightings?  Is something under way that we don’t know about?  Where will the next UFO be seen?

The mainstream media is not reporting most of these sightings and the government, once again, is covering up.  But WWN is on it.  We will keep you updated.

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30 thoughts on “BLUE UFO OVER BOSTON”

  1. It seems whatever these things are, at least they are more open and honest then our goverment is. I got a strange feeling something big is about to happen. strange how our goverment does not worry? maybe they know more then we think. a strange year and a even stranger new years is upon us me think.

    • how do you know which ones are here to help and which ones aren't. I am in Cyprus(europe) and I just saw my first ufo the other night. obviously they must be like people…some good and some bad.

    • I know what You're talkin' about, transition of humanity is coming and many civilizations are very near Earth currently and are showing us their ships to awaken those who are still blind to whats going on. Illuminati already lost this game so relax and enjoy the show, we all decided that we want to be on earth at this time and be part of the great change!!! 🙂
      Cheers! Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMshPOdAJKU

    • i live in boston although i did not see this ufo i had a extremely vivd dream about an alien invasion andt i have been spooked about it. i am just finding out about this sighting the same night as my dream and it is not helping!!!

    • I disagree as in 92' myself and two others witnessed this same blue lit UFO, it was huge, and we lost 3 hours of time.

    • my daughter saw this one and has missing time too. i'M SO MAD. They come and abduct people for what purpose? what else happened to you- have you had any nightmares?

    • Have u herd about the people in Nome Alaska they they get the most fourth kinds since 1901. Google it dude

  2. Most of the masses are so brain washed by our wonderful leaders that they live their whole lives in fear and tunnel vision. I believe UFO & USO sightings are real and I believe they have traveled from their homes to Earth to help Mother Earth and the good life forms here. They may very well be here to rescue some of us before man blows us & Mother Earth up. The elite serve the evil; with all their bright ideas, their wars, greed, their self centered, selfish, power hungry desires to control and enslave the planet. The opponent has big plans for mass destruction so they can get rid of more than half of the population so it will be easier for them to control us and rule the world. They are insane, none of those folks care about any of us. Our brothers and sisters from other planets in the universe may very well be our only ticket out of here when all hell breaks loose on Planet Earth due to mankind's very best plotting, thinking and stupidity. Whatever is coming, I am not afraid. I am ready to know the honest truth and knowledge of our existence and the real story of how creation came to be here on Mother Earth; which the majority treats like an old worn out shoe by the way. No respect, love or gratitude for all that She supplies us. I feel confident our universal friends are not here to hurt us. Of course, with the low IQ's of our great leaders and the masses man will probably choose war over peace because they are stupid and were not created by the good Spirit of the Universe; the so called leaders serve the opponent, they are the terrorist of this planet. What's really sad is most of mankind is so gullible and spineless there is no hope for them. I hope to have the experience of viewing a UFO or USO. It would be amazing to meet some of them and welcome them to our planet in a peaceful, kind manner. We should show some hospitality, be friendly, peaceful and be a good hostess to our visitors. I hope when the time comes, I have the opportunity to be on the magic bus that's going to take some of us away from this dysfunctional place created by evil men.

  3. So, in west yorks next week I predict similarly blue activity. Not so much shimmering and saucer-shaped, more solid in its dimensional form and of a cylindrical shape. Last time it was sighted in Leeds it released a series of pearly white laser beams into another vessel, causing much satisfaction to all onlookers (though I don’t think there were many as it didn’t make the news). So my foxy friend, look up to the skies, but when laser beams fire, I’d close my eyes!

  4. you american ppl, watching to much television. get a live down there, and stop looking for lights and aliens. the only big thingy happening is a new world order of idiots all around. A huge army of suckers. Cant believe so many consumers (slaves) still living in ignorance letting corporations to suck all your vitality. Slavery, thats the future.

  5. Aliens are real, I have seen real UFO several times, and every time I talk about them, they seen to show up. Well, you don't have to trust me, because, that is your problem!

  6. I Have just witness a UFO or the first kind over Boston today 12/29/10
    I was driving to down town Boston on a cloudy dark night and as I'm driving I see three lights over the Boston area and I'm puzzled I look at it closer and see a faint outline of a round edged triangle after a minute or to it just shuts off. And I told this to my friends and they said it was probably an air plain and i said no you are not right it was not moving it had no sound and it had a mile of area it was huge. If you had seen this also on this day please reply or like this comment.

  7. i believe you because i just witness it on 10-16-2011 around 4:10 pm .i was cleaning my car in winthrop ma soon when you pass the bridge between east boston and winthrop theres a car wash on the left side … for more onfo please check my ad on http://www.ufo.com
    thats is real and thank god i have a witness

  8. I witnessed a ufo when i was 10me and 12 other people were playing hide and seek then we see a blue circular form in the sky with lights coming down


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