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PHILADELPHIA – Michael Vick bought a new dog – a beagle!

NFL star and current starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick, made headlines three years ago when he was convicted of dogfighting.  Well,  now he’s bought a new dog – it’s a beagle for the Eagle!

As part of Vick’s dogfighting sentence, a judge banned Vick from owning a dog ever again.  But there are three reasons the judged changes his mind and rescinded the ban:  1)  Though injured, Vick is doingwell as an NFL quarterback, thrilling NFL fans with his play; 2) Vick has won over the hearts and minds of the citizens of The City of Brotherly Love;  and 3) Vick’s daughters really want a dog.   “Ah, come on, we can’t deny the girls a dog,” said Judge Herman Wilton of  West Virginia.

After the judge announced his decision, Vick immediately ent out and bought a cute, little beagle.  He named the dog, HutHut.

Here they are together on the gridiron:

Vick thinks that having HutHut as a pet is a big step in his rehabilitation process.

“Having a pet in my household, shows people that I care for animals.”

William Tacatoo, president of the Humane Society of the Pennsylvania, says he has been around Vick a good deal over the last two years and feels confident Vick would be a great pet owner.  “He loves dogs, he really does.”

“I will take good care of  HutHut in my household.  If they want to monitor me doing it, hey can,” said Vick, who noted that when he was growing up in Virginia he had many dogs, ranging from a beagle to a mixed breed.

Since being released, Vick has made appearances on behalf of the Humane Society as well as addressing various students groups on the lessons he’s learned.

“HutHut will live a happy life,” Vick said. “I know that.  He will be the happiest beagle on earth.”

WWN wishes the Eagle and the Beagle good luck…  safe home.