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I’m madder than a schoolmarm with a worm in her apple!

Now I hear the Communist-in-Chief is giving a speech to every school in the country on September 8!

All the kids are gonna look at a television screen while the Teleprompter Kid reads off HIS television screen, and tells them all to study hard this year.

At least, that better be all he tells them. But I bet Obama won’t be able to stop himself from telling them all to recycle their juiceboxes or they’re all gonna die.

He’ll probably even tell the kids to spy on their parents and report any suspicious activity – like owning a gun, or voting Republican or watching “Dancing with the Stars” – to the White House!

I didn’t know we were living in a Communist country now, where the Great Leader broadcasts messages to the “youth”! It’s bad enough we all have to see Obama’s face on our OWN TVs 24/7—now he’s taking over the classrooms, too!

Remember when George Bush went to a classroom to read to the kids on 9/11? He never heard the end of that. But Obama’s too good to go to a school personally! He’s just gonna “appear” to the kids like the giant green head in the Wizard of Oz!

As usual, there’s nothing much we can do to protest this totalitarian indoctrination of our kids, except maybe pull them out of school that day.

Or maybe we can all pay tribute to another White House guy who made the mistake of visiting schoolkids: in honor of poor Dan Quayle, whenever we talk about Obama’s televised speech to these kids, we should call it “the President’s videoe.”