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NEW YORK, NY – The Situation is taking over Mike Sorrentino’s life!

Mike Sorrentino has risen to fame thanks to the Jersey Shore and The Situation. Sorrentino is the brains of his operation and The Situation aka his abs is the beauty. Over the course of his Jersey Shore stardom, The Situation has taken on a life of it’s own. There isn’t a moment where Mike’s abs aren’t on display and he can’t go 5 minutes without taking his shirt off. Well … WWN has learned it’s because the abs are alive!

We’ve seen glimpses of Mike Sorrentino as a kind and caring individual. Always cooking dinner for his housemates and being a shoulder to cry on. However, come nightfall, a new person comes alive and engages into creep mode (scoring hot girls). It’s like a man turning into a werewolf – it’s an uncontrollable science and it’s taking it toll on Sorrentino.

“I am very thankful for my success and fame right now, but I don’t feel like myself,” Sorrentino told us. “My abs have taken over me and I don’t have control over them. I binge on fast food, soda and just pure fat, but after it all, my abs are still there. I don’t know what to do. I’m losing my mind.”

His abs have struck again. Sorrentino, thanks to The Situation, has purchased a Bentley. A very nice car for a very nice set of abs.

“I didn’t want that car. I don’t need that car,” Sorrentino added. “What is happening. Something has to be done.”

Those abs will surely be on full display once the new Dancing with the Stars season takes off.