NEW YORK, NY – The king has a new home – and we’re not talking about LeBron James!
With Burger Wars a few weeks behind us – fast-food chains have had a chance to regroup and refocus. Five Guys Burgers and Fries walked away with the best burger – a shock to many. Burger King and The King may be feeling the loss the most – and they have made strides to rectify the problem for next year.
Burger King is under new leadership and they have their eye on the prize. 3G Capital has bought Burger King Holdings Inc, the No. 2 U.S. fast-food chain, for $24 per share, or about $3.26 billion. The investment firm is looking to catapult the fast-food chain to new heights, with the ultimate goal of winning best burger and top food in next year’s Zagat survey.
“There is no way that we should finish 4th and 5th in Best Burger and Top Food respectively,” said an executive from 3G Capital. “There is a reason that King is in Burger King and we’re going to prove that. We will make radical changes and the only place to go is to the top!”
Burger King has lagged behind larger rival McDonald’s Corp and other fast food chains as its key customer base takes a deeper hit from persistently high unemployment rates. Last week, the company forecast weak demand during its new fiscal year due to the U.S. economy’s slow pace and government austerity programs in several European countries.
“The king is back!,” proclaimed another executive. “We’re not talking about LeBron James. Our burgers and food and service will launch us to the top of the pyramid. We have big goals and big dreams and they will all be realized.”
Next year’s Burger Wars are shaping up to be a heavyweight battle. Stay Tuned.

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  1. yeah weill I work at a Burger King… and all their changes…. we have had many customer complaints about the food…. SINCE they dhanged things…. If it wasn't broke why did they find it necessary to spend probably millions on all this damn new equipment and new procedures….

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