ENGLAND – A character shrouded in mystery has finally had his identity revealed!
The Stig has become one of the most popular TV characters in Britain. As the always-anonymous test driver on the television “Top Gear,” his identity has long been a closely guarded secret. His opaque visor on his famous helmet has been his trademark and was as much as anyone knew about him. That has all changed.
On Wednesday, lawyers said the BBC had been refused an injunction blocking the publication of a book revealing the identity of the character. The Stig is a mystery no more!
“Shortly after, publishers HarperCollins said in a statement that a 33-year-old racing driver named Ben Collins “has a great story to tell about his seven years as The Stig, which will appeal to a wide audience beyond just motoring enthusiasts.”
Calling it a “victory for freedom of speech,” HarperCollins said the book will be published in Britain on Sept. 16.
The show has a long-standing policy of not commenting on The Stig’s identity. A “Top Gear” spokeswoman said no decision has been made on whether the character will be back when the show returns.
“Top Gear” is one of BBC’s most successful programs, and is seen in more than 100 countries around the world. Alongside the show’s three garrulous hosts, The Stig is an always-silent presence, fearlessly navigating the show’s test tracks in glamorous cars.

You would think that after such mystery, good old Ben would be a little more intimidating. He should probably keep the helmet on.

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