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Aliens are looking for people who want to leave Earth before the world ends on 12.21.12.

The end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans, is coming quick!  There’s only 11 days until the apocalypse.  The Mayans predicted that people who are in France on December 21, will survive. However, not everyone can get to France.


WWN has learned that aliens from Planet Zeeba (a friendly neighbor just outside Neptune), are accepting applicants for The Mothership, which will leave the planet on December 21st, but will return on December 22nd, in case the Mayans got it wrong.


Do you want to be on The Mothership?  If so, please state your reasons  in the comments section below why you should be on The Mothership.  Please be brief and pithy – Zeebans do not like long-winded Earthlings, especially if they have to live with them on The Mothership for the next fifty or sixty years.  Mayans, however, are not allowed to apply.

The Mothership will be able to accommodate over 5,000 people.   The Zeebans would like to take as many Americans as possible (“they’re more fun!”) but people from every country on Earth are welcome.


If you are selected you will not have to go anywhere on December 21st.  The Zeebans will find you, take you into The Mothership.  So,  you just sit on your couch and the Zeebans will take care of the rest.  If the world doesn’t end, the Zeebans will put you right back on the couch.

What are the Zeebans looking for in an applicant?  Well, pretty much what a lot of women are looking for in a man:  someone who is kind, generous,  funny, easy to get along with, sweet and has great abs.

So why do you deserve to be on The Mothership?