TASHTAGOL, Russia – The Wall Street Journal confirmed today that Bigfoot hunters had found the beast in Siberia.
The Wall Street Journal reported today that Russian Bigfoot Hunters found evidence of Bigfoot in  a cave in Siberia.
In a cave, Anatoly Fokin looked at hair samples and muddy footprints.  “I found some hair, some real hair,” he said, pulling the strands apart. “And here there are more—maybe it was a girl.”
Fokin says he found evidence that Bigfoot may have had a “girlfriend” with him.  Whether the girlfriend was human or beast – was not clear.  “But they clearly had ‘fun’ in the cave,” said Fokin.

The Wall Street Journal sent reporters to Siberia to follow-up on WWN’s report on Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev, who has led a hunt for Bigfoot in Siberia.  READ THE STORY HERE.
Mr. Fokin, dropped his full-time work as an architect to join Valuev on the hunt.  Immediately after he entered the cave, Fokin jumped up and down and yelled,  “A Yeti has been here!”    Valuev walked over to him and confirmed the evidence.
This woman, Lillya Zelenkova, said Bigfoot woke her up in her tent, and wanted to have sex with her.  She didn’t go for it because, “I don’t like hairy men, though I was tempted.”

The Russian government has supported Bigfoot hunts – or Yeti – hunts.  Siberian officials this month sponsored an International Scientific-Practical Conference on Hominology.   Valdmir Putin himself joined several of the hunts. “I will find the Yeti and I will kill the Yeti,” Putin said.
The Bigfoot Hunters honed in this site:

Hominology, a still-unrecognized branch of biology that studies hairy upright walking creatures, is championed by a handful of Russian devotees who hope to spark a revolution in evolutionary theory by contacting one of the many tribes of Bigfoots they say are living undetected in woods around the world, including in North America and Russia.
Siberian officials issued a press release saying the three-day event this month turned up “irrefutable evidence” that such a creature—known to locals as a Snow Person—has been squatting in a Kemerovo cave 2,000 miles east of Moscow. Field trips into the surrounding mountains also turned up what they said were telltale signs of Yeti wanderings, such as bent and twisted branches, and underbrush that served as a bed.
Here’s the cave:

Local officials say they will now make efforts to contact the beast, who hasn’t yet been photographed. They will also begin funding a permanent center for Bigfoot research at Siberia’s Kemerovo State University.

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  1. Putin is an idiot. Why would anyone want to kill one of these beings? They appear to be very rare, and should be studied, not shot. As for the rest of the "evidence"? I am very skeptical of the claims.

  2. Who are these people? Really? Wow….
    Even if it was true, can you really afford to believe them? The only requirement for making a claim to a finding or for making a prediction is that you believe that it happened and that you have some form of "proof". Doesn't matter how contrived. Then you find it all over the internet.

  3. No government agency, regardless of country, will admit to having anything to do with topics such as this. All these reports are created to stir up future advertising marks. Be real people. There is a chance these creatures exist, but no government agency is going to chase or hunt them down.

    • +bigfoot attacked my family on a camping trip up Butterfield Canyon in Utah. Going back this summer 2013. There were six people in our group. Want to go? (208) 932-0302

  4. Bigfoot attacked my family on a camping trip. There were six of us in the group. This was horrible. Going back in June 2013. Anyone who wants to go is welcome. (208) 932-0302.

  5. Look up the Dyatlov Incident, February 1959.
    9 cross country skiers, 7 men and 2 women were attacked by what they called "snowmen".
    All 9 were killed, all had terrible wounds and evidence of violence.
    Several had no eyes and one woman had her tounge ripped out.
    There are a lot of pictures as it was a big deal in Russia at the time.
    They call bigfoot "Almas".

  6. I agree with this post, from my favorite and only trustworthy news source, WWN. People often get annoyed with this website, claiming it to be untrue, but those people are just desciples of batboy. We are living in the matrix, nothing is real, Obama is an alien

  7. I rarely leave a response, however I looked at a few of the responses here CONFIRMED: BIGFOOT FOUND IN SIBERIA | Weekly World News.
    I actually do have 2 questions for you if it's allright. Is it only me or does it seem like a few of these comments appear like they are written by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional places, I would like to keep up with you. Would you make a list of every one of your social networking pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  8. Real or not, this is one reason we always go camping in sturdy campers. You never know when something big will come out of the woods so it's safer to be in a big vehicle than in a flimsy tent.

  9. "This woman, Lillya Zelenkova, said Bigfoot woke her up in her tent, and wanted to have sex with her. She didn’t go for it because, “I don’t like hairy men, though I was tempted.”" YEAH RIGHT !!!!!! What a load of bull….
    Mate this says it all, and sums up the credibility of the whole issue!

  10. Relying on your instanct is tough for most of us. It can take many people a long time to build a strong moral system. It doesnt really just happen if you know what I mean.


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