Aliens are looking for people who want to leave Earth before the world ends on 12.21.12.
The end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans, is coming quick!  There’s only 11 days until the apocalypse.  The Mayans predicted that people who are in France on December 21, will survive. However, not everyone can get to France.


WWN has learned that aliens from Planet Zeeba (a friendly neighbor just outside Neptune), are accepting applicants for The Mothership, which will leave the planet on December 21st, but will return on December 22nd, in case the Mayans got it wrong.


Do you want to be on The Mothership?  If so, please state your reasons  in the comments section below why you should be on The Mothership.  Please be brief and pithy – Zeebans do not like long-winded Earthlings, especially if they have to live with them on The Mothership for the next fifty or sixty years.  Mayans, however, are not allowed to apply.
The Mothership will be able to accommodate over 5,000 people.   The Zeebans would like to take as many Americans as possible (“they’re more fun!”) but people from every country on Earth are welcome.


If you are selected you will not have to go anywhere on December 21st.  The Zeebans will find you, take you into The Mothership.  So,  you just sit on your couch and the Zeebans will take care of the rest.  If the world doesn’t end, the Zeebans will put you right back on the couch.
What are the Zeebans looking for in an applicant?  Well, pretty much what a lot of women are looking for in a man:  someone who is kind, generous,  funny, easy to get along with, sweet and has great abs.
So why do you deserve to be on The Mothership?


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  1. If the zeebas are such an advanced race, wouldn't they be able to tell if the Mayans were
    wrong already. Where will they take us, and will we be able to see the event unfold.

    • The Zeebans are more advanced, yes, but as they told us "we are not psychics." Plus, they are trying to help panicked humans – and are offering The Mothership as a service.

    • The zeebans should take my family i would gladly sacrafice myself (even nailed to a cross ) if it would save the world from falling into the dark ones control and allow us all to be free as the true creator intended for all.

  2. I'm supposed to turn 18 next month. I can't die now! I'm too young to die!! =( I have my whole life ahead of me! I still have so much to do, like travel the world =D

  3. i deserve to be on the mothership because, im one of the nicest/kind/generous that anyone will ever meet. i also feel that my mission isnt complete yet and i would love to finish it. i can get along with just about anybody because i have such a strong personality. i would love to board the mothership….please

  4. I am only 13 but I am kind loving fun and can get along with many no matter who thay are!
    p.s. I don't excatly know if the world may end or not? if you think about it logicly the world could end from a metor the sun or a viris but defnly not a planet that I have never even heard about that may not excite in the first place k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi there! I'm 14 years old and I have been I was funny ;). I like space!! I'll eat eat anything you make! If I don't then you can kill me! 😉 please choose me! I'm from ¡AMERICA!

  6. As long as Zeebans are Lord Jesus lovers becauase when I die I want to be among Jesus Christ and his angels… but if they are then my family and I should be picked because I want to live for the good man kind and not die in sin with the rest… I've been through a lot for a 19yr old and want to finish my life with my family or in the hands of God… Bless us all, Lord forgive us for our sins, peace and hope be with you all!!

  7. What for dinner? That space ship looks like a big food preparation unit.
    Please read this book by Drunvalo Melchizedek
    "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2"
    We have our own space ship called the “MERKABA”
    With love and compassion

  8. Why can't we see the Nibiru?
    It should be observable now! I don't know to believe or doubt!
    Anyway I wish much better life for all. Whithout pain and sorrow.

  9. the aliens are my people as i am LORD VISHNU the ancient god as aliens are the ancient gods who l;ived on earth before human existed only i can save human lifes by their help please contact me-919561895574

  10. I'm a competing bodybuilder… I got them abs you guys are looking for! 🙂 Plus I'ma detectives… I can investigate any crimes that occur among earthlings on the mother ship!

  11. I am 18 now….and I hav a beautiful girlfriend whom I never want to lost…I love her very much…I want to spend the rest of my life with her…but I also love my friends…I want to live as much as I can…moreover I m kind…I m generous…I could offer help to anyone…let me help you out…if the dooms day is true…then please help me take out to board on the mothership with my friends,girlfriend,parents and rest of the family and my village…if you can't take them aboard then let me die with them…don't wanna live alone…not without my girlfriend,friend and my village…

  12. I think my parents even old should be allowed to spend their remaining years at peace all our lives has been constant trials and if i could for the sake of humanity ascend to the same conscious level as Christ to be able to sacrafice myself for everyone to live fee as we was intended i would …sadly if this even unfolds a lot wont be saved but we can only hope that the next time is done right with out the dark ones control.

  13. I always knew aliens exsist and I know most of them are here to help I need to be on this ship with my family (if anything happens) cause I'm the oldest of my siblings and everybody trusts in me so I'm asking to please accept me and all my family I'm also an athlete I play football basketball I ran track did karare since 2000 then stop in 09 I wouldn't like to see no one with a good heart get left behind

  14. I have been only 18+ and i have much higher goals to achieve.
    I do not fear about death but i want to change this world. I was
    much working for saving my surroundings from pollution and other human made disasters.So atleast i must be alive for improving my world.

  15. I am 18+ right now. I am no afraid of dying . but for the past 2 years i have realized that apart from natural disasters humans are the only species causing threat to their environment . I have been trying to save it . I must be alive atleast to continue my job.Even if they didn't select me i don't get worried . but i kindly request them to select someone who really care for our earth.

  16. Hi Zeebans good to see u, is really earth going to blast, if it is true then please save us,,,,,,,,,,
    save me , when u want help from humans , that time i help u………….please Aliens save me. i also support u, please save me ………….
    please save me Zeeba planet Aliens

  17. I don't deserve to be on it as no human does cause we're all sinners. But it would be great if we have neighbours who are that friendly and that compassionate as to take someone like me along. I would just love to be on a real spaceship.

  18. Come on people, the earth won't be destroyed because God said so!!! Just listen to Jesus is prayer, on earth as it is in heaven, the earth will be heaven when Jesus returns!!!! If there really are aliens., prove religion to be a liar, fly your ships so everyone can see them. And what about the Annunaki? Aren't they supposed to be the guides we've all been talking about

    • God said he will not destroy the earth…because why would he? Isn't it beautiful? NOT SO…He intended us to love…respect…and honour this wonderful creation and what have we done??? EVIL…nothing more…In the book of revelations it is stated clearly that when the weather and natural castrophies occur it will be the beginning of the end. I believe that there are telepathic watchers whom only some people a privilidged to connect with and who knows maybe they are the Angels whom connected over centuries with prophets.God is not happy with what he sees anymore, plus he does not like scientific human gene manipulation that was his job. There is a big chance of something occuring around Christmas 2012 up to March 2012.

  19. U should take me cuz im fun just to hang around nd do nothing or go jump on a bed till u fall im fun to do anything with cuz im down to do anything except like really nasty things but im also smart and stupid at times and do stupid crap that puts me in the hospital thats why u should pick me :-))))

    • You idiot! How about my use of telepathy and other special supernatural gifts I have been blessed with like connecting with a whole diversity of spiritual beings, aliens,and the metaphysical world.
      They couldn't careless about SEX! thats's the reason why a specific higher society would destroy us due to the scientific manipulation of genetics which is rapidly evolving on earth…THEY DON'T LIKE IT!!!! All you perverted sex crazed idiots will be the first destroyed, go to church you sinners…It's even too late for that!! Whatever happens I wish peace onto all human beings and may the light forgive your stupidity.

  20. im from ireland i want mum myself nephew sister brother to survive ,we are all fun kind also i have o neg blood so might help if needed afterwards

  21. I fit into most if not all of the aspects requested by the Zeebans; But unfortunately, the first two apply especially well, and therefore I would say take someone else instead.
    Unless they need help maintaining things on the ship, in which case I'd be delighted to help.

  22. I am from Ukraine,
    I have to be on board because I want to bring to life all that is on it's up to.
    I want to stay with family and close friends, as well as my girlfriend.

  23. I'm not scared of outsiders and think they are one. I'm great looking and very enjoyable. best of all I'm american. i would like to be picked even though i have my doubts and believe this is a websites to so everyone's halaeious posts but it couldn't hurt right? Find me at 2063 west ponderosa wheatland wy 82201

  24. Hi Im Croydon i live @ 1127 highway 301 n#5 lumberton nc Im out going and American lol i well be a grate help on the ship i love all people and Im fun to hang with

  25. This site is so funny. It's always a hoot. I'm glad the world didn't end so it's still around to pleasure me. I mean, to pleasure all of us! I MEAN>.. to please us?


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