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SPARTANBURG – Authorities have confirmed that an alien spaceship attacked another alien spaceship over SC last night.

A  flash of blue light burst over the  skies of South Carolina early on Monday morning. Local government officials tried to allay fears in a nervous public by telling them it was a “fireball” or a “meteor” but WWN can confirm that it was neither.

WWN spoke with Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  She flew to Spartanburg with Dr. Banesh Bannerjee to examine the evidence.

Their conclusion:  “An alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba successfully attacked and destroyed another alien spaceship from Planet Gootan,” said Dr. Begley.

Dr. Bannerjee explained, “The Gootans landed on our planet in Novembe, 2011 and are planning an hostile attack on our citizens, but aliens from Planet Zeeba have come to help protect Earth and humans.  The Zeebans scored a victory here because the Gootan ship was going to attack Spartanburg and other parts of South Carolina.”

One local resident, interviewed by the local FOX affiliate in the video below, admits she was scared and wondered for just a moment if  “aliens”  were attacking.

Here’s the video:

The FBI and local law enforcement officials told her to “stop talking about aliens” but the woman refuses.  “I know what I saw it was aliens.”

She told WWN that the ground “came alive with sparkling blue things”…  She said the sparkles were  beautiful and helped calm her after the explosion.

Dr. Begley explained that the “blue sparkles” were from Planet Zeeba and were intended to make the woman feel calm and comfortable.

Here’s a shot of the Gootan ship during the day, flying over Greenville, SC.

WWN will continue to follow the Gootan attack…

reporting by Tom Rose of