NEW YORK —  A man claims “temporary Linsanity” led him to rob a Queens diner.

As New York was celebrating after Knicks player Jeremy Lin sunk a game-winning 3-pointer against the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night,  a man with “Linsanity” was committing a robbery in Queens.
“Linsanity,” the popular phrase coined amid Lin’s highly praised performance during the team’s 6-game winning streak, is certainly a real thing, according to 36-year-old Bryan Hazer. Hazer is accused of walking into the popular restaurant Larry’s and demanding cash at gunpoint. According to Hazer’s lawyers, he was unaware of what he was doing, as Lin’s fateful shot with less than a second to go made Hazer “snap.”
“After screaming for the cash, he kept on mumbling things about the game to himself,” said one bystander, who asked not to be named. “He kept on saying stuff like ‘27 points’ and ‘11 assists … a career high.’ It was weird.”

While Linsanity has not been recognized by medical professionals as anything but a harmless phrase, Hazer’s lawyers plan to present a strong case for its dangers and potential impact on sports fans. A
statement by the lawyers was released soon after Hazer’s arrest.
“It was tied at 87,” the statement said. “No one thought he would just go for the three. It was Linsane, and we believe our client is not responsible for his actions due to these circumstances. Mr. Hazer is
an upstanding young man with a bright future, and it would be a shame for something out of his control to ruin his life.”

Hazer, a dock worker and lifelong Knicks fan, has shown no previous inclination toward crime, according to friends. Best friend and confidant Greg Curtis stands by Hazer.

“Look, this isn’t [Bryan’s] fault,” Curtis said. “This whole thing is affecting all of us. Just earlier, I was feeling some major Lindigestion. It’s terrifying.”

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  1. So, what are we supposed to do, arrest Jerry Lin for starting Linsanity? I think the guy who committed the crime should get psychological help, but shouldnt blame it on someone else.


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