JOPLIN, MO – The recent unveiling of Obama’s mutant half brother has guaranteed him the mutant vote.

Since then, Obatma has been on a road tour with Bat Boy rallying support for the Democratic candidate.  The two are making appearances in key swing states, happily handing out stickers and posing for pictures.
As a result, voter registration centers around the country have been flooded with new-voter requests checking the ethnicity box as “Other: Mutant.”
A large group of mutants wearing Obama pins assembled outside of the Today show in Rockefeller center this week.  The crowd was dispersed by security before taping began, however, due to an incident involving several easily startled tourists and a girl who was half-spider.
Obatma and Bat Boy are expected to continue their road trip through to the election, driving across the country in a convertible which allows them to catch mosquitoes in their mouths.
Senator McCain, desperate to reduce Obama’s lead, has retaliated by campaigning heavily to the alien population, playing up his military service with the Intergalactic Alliance.


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  1. HELLO! i could not agree more! such as is the thruth! i love this magazine as it reveils the the true facts. listen to the thruth!


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