I’m madder than a hippie in a bubble bath!
So it turns out your old friend Ed Anger was right all along: this global warming stuff is a load of steaming polar bear turds!
Somebody broke into some scientists’ computers and found all kinds of stuff about them lying about the weather so they could make money and get famous.
Hell, you didn’t have to go that far to know that the whole thing was a scam from day one! Look who’s behind it all: Hollywood movie stars, kindergarten teachers and Al Gore. Those are the three dumbest people on the planet.
If Al Gore really believed this crap, would he be flying his fancy private jet all over the world? And talk about your “footprints”! Fat Al’s are bigger than a hippo’s. Last time I checked, he didn’t keep his designer ice cream and Little Debbies in a solar powered fridge.
I’ve been telling you people this for years, but you wouldn’t listen. You went ahead and bought those poisonous light bulbs and recycled your diapers or God knows what – and it was all a waste of time!
But will Ed Anger get a Peace Prize for being right all along? Ha!
My fellow Americans, now we have to get back to fixing real problems, like getting the Communist in Chief and the Hair Plug Vice President out of the White House, and putting Sarah Palin and the President Reagan robot from Disneyland in there instead!

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  1. oh my god people are idiots sometimes. I can't believe that so many people out there would believe or even mildly tolerate this utter crap.


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