I’m madder than a fat kid at the end of the buffet line when the rice pudding is all gone!
So now they say that the Communist-in-Chief wants a mandate for federal health care.
A mandate?  What does that even mean?  Well, I’ll tell you.
Obama is a man (or so he says) and so is health care and he’s taking it out to dinner and a movie.  And I bet you can guess who is paying for that night out.  That’s right!  You!
You know what happens if you don’t want to pay?  You go to jail!  And they charge you a big fat fine while hauling you down to the slammer!
Because nothing is better for your health than jail and being poor!
Now, I’ve never been to jail.  I’m no criminal!  And I’ve never been poor.  I’m no bum!  But I’ve seen plenty of television and I know how these things go.  Prison is terrible for your health!  What with all the shanking and gruel-eatting and shower raping no one stays healthy for long.
Don’t even get me started on being poor!  Those people are so sickly they make me sick just looking at them.
So what’s the Communist-in-Chief on about with this disgusting mandate?
I’ll tell you!  He’s trying to make you unhealthy!  Whether its over-priced federally run Post Office quality “health care,” throwing you in jail if you say your don’t want it, or confiscating your tiny paycheck when you say you can’t afford it, Obama is trying to kill you!
Not only does he want to drive America straight into the ground and turn over the reigns to the Socialists, the Commies and the French, he wants to wipe us all out to make space for more foreigners!
Why not just throw a malaria blanket over us?  It’d cost less and we wouldn’t have to build more prisons!

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3 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "NO MANDATING!"”

  1. Dude, you're a fricken idiot. You probably don't like to pay for auto insurance, which when enacted, lowered insurance payments all around. Crawl back into the cave you call "journalism" and die why don't you.

  2. You got it right Ed, but one thing. How are they going to enforce their fines? It's not a law and can be ignored by states in that most states constitutions override the government. The American citizens need to be weary in their support of government run health care. The cost of procedures will rise as will taxes and health care will become poorer. I have talked with a few people and they seem to have this misconception that the government running health care will pay for everything. In fact it will act as a standard 80/20 plan and you will still go bankrupt if you require costly health care the same as the evil insurers offer. Also look up the total revenues insurers gather, as evil as the government makes them out to be – they do not generate as much revenue as presented.
    Just sayin'

  3. Mr. Anger is so right. If most people become healthy, than there is less need for healthcare, which costs the nation less money. Sick, poor Americans unable to work will become healthy, get a job, which saves public money on unemployment benefits, all of which would help the American economy. The whole nation would benefit, and who needs that?


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