PORTLAND, ME – Shiloh Pepin, known the world over as ‘Mermaid Girl”, has sadly passed away.
Shiloh was born with sirenomelia, also known as “Mermaid Syndrome.” Children are born with their legs fused together, which looks like a mermaid’s tail.
It is not the fusing of the legs, but a host of other medical problems that leaves few survivors, usually problematic kidney and bladder development.
A few patients have made it past infancy, including Shiloh. Born with only 6 inches of large colon, a kidney a quarter of the normal size, and missing a bladder and uterus, Shiloh was expected to survive for only  a few months.
However, after a kidney transplant at the age of two, she was able to live for a number of years. She was considered a hero to disabled children, and made appearances on shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as an hour-long TLC special.
She was one of only three known survivors of sirenomelia who lived without surgical leg separation, however it was considered impossible for her to live to adulthood without the surgery. She passed away after a fight with pneumonia.

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21 thoughts on “MERMAID GIRL DIED”

  1. Oh we will miss her darely. My family and I would watch her episodes on TV. We loved her darely as she was such a happy spirited young girl even though she was different. From watching her episodes I taught my daugher that being different is the same love as anyone else no matter how there appearance is. Our prayers go out to her family and we will miss SHILOH. HUGS & KISSES.- FROM ELGIN IL.

    • she had a colostomy and a catheter…the poor little thing was born without genetalia or an anus. her parents had to change her bags all the time…they were some of the most selfish people, by the way. they couldn't even keep their marriage together for the sake of that little girl, so in addition to living with her horrible affliction and dealing with those emotions, they had to separate and cause her even more grief. what a sad life for that little soul

    • Just because they got divorced, doesn't mean they loved their little girl any less. Even while they were seperated, they still maintained a close relationship with each other as well as their daughter. Selfish? You should really think about things before you type them.

    • What you seperated and still maintained a closed relationship?
      That silly dicision should have been taking for the sake of that girl. they brought and they should have live togerther and care for the poor girl, afteral she was not the cause of her deformation.
      Seperation or divorce affect children, period.

    • you guys are all asses what wrong wit u guys, i dont feel sad for this girl. Yu no why??? she lived it to her fulist had fun knoing she wasnt going to live long. she had an adventure ; she doesnt want sympathy because she knew she could make it through no matter wat crap came her way ; sHE DOESNT WANT PPL FEELING SAD, SHE WANTS THEM TO REMEMBER her Legacy, BRAVENESS.,smarts and additude.
      Dont be blaming her parents they didnt do this it was the fate of god for her life, Though the divorced they still cared for her, Shiloh want us all to feel proud not sad

  2. The little girl was a true princess and a great example for the disabled and non-disabled. My prayers are with the family as they grieve for her. Remember the happy times and know that you loved her.

  3. to say "they were some of the most selfish people, by the way" of the Pepin's is obsurd. They raised this little girl with so much love and bravery. Getting a divorce doesnt mean they didnt love her. its better that they split up and didnt stay angry at each other and have shiloh witness the negative atmosphere that would create.

  4. I never realized how wonderful the world was or could be until I heard about Shilo. I will remember you Shilo forever and I wish I could have been lucky enough to have met you in this life. You accomplished more in ten years than most people in a life time. Thank you for helping us understand the meaning of a life well lived.

  5. the mermaid girl was a marvelous i would have done anything to save the little angel so so amazing and believe that she was no diffrent from all the others bless her heart ilove her evan thow i did not c her best wishes a fellow girl love katie

    • This is not the issue of God blessing the family, afteral they splited while this little angel was in pains.Till she cant bear anymore. I was upset when I heard she passed away.
      Still now but I want to let it go off me..

  6. I love this girl when I watched her on TV, so happy and clever, who thing strick me hard was her parent should allow her return home when she phone her mother that want to be home while on camping holiday. Though the parent love her but the should have been always with her.
    She was an angel.
    Shilor you did not cause ur problem, may your soul rest in peace.

  7. Parent of disabled child should keep their dirty feeling away and keep marriage ti the child is old enough to understand things.
    It a shame

  8. I really did like her she was so sweet she actually reminded me of my bestfriend, when i heard of her death i felt horrible and shocked forever rest in peace shiloh(:


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