I’m madder than a rabid guide dog! So now it turns out the Communist-in-Chief is fighting with that blind guy in New York.
I’m not sure what it’s about, but Obama doesn’t want that blind guy to run for governor again for some reason. Maybe the blind guy made the mistake of paying his taxes so Obama figures he’s not qualified to be a Democrat politician after all.
(How do blind people pay their taxes anyhow? Do they have bumpy tax forms? What happens when they mix up a decimal with one of those bumps??)
I thought libs wanted to help crippled people get regular people jobs, not take them away! Next thing you know, Obama’s gonna tear down all those ugly wheelchair ramps we have to look at now.
That would be one thing the Teleprompter Kid could do I could get behind.
Hell, I’m an old guy but the way I look at it, if you’re too fat or crippled to get around, maybe it’s God’s way of telling you to stay home and stop running me off the sidewalk with your stupid fat person go cart!
Anyhow, I hope this feud between Obama and the blind guy doesn’t turn into one of those rapper fights you hear about on the TV, where they sing crappy songs about each other, then have a big gun fight at their next convention. That blind guy may not be able to see to shoot straight, but I figure he can sic his dog on the Secret Service.
My question is: who’s side is Little Stevie Wonder gonna take?

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