MIAMI, FL – A pretty teenager has stunned experts with her bizarre white eyes – which let her see through solid stone and metal!
Laura Castro, 14, was born normal but developed pure white eyes at the age of 10. The Miami, Fla., child has been studied by eye doctors and other experts, but none can explain what causes her rare condition.
“The doctors say they’re never seen anything like this,” said the child’s mother, divorcee Anabel Castro. “My daughter can see anywhere in daylight or in darkness, and she can easily see through solid objects. The doctors say she may have been hit on the head or exposed to chemicals or something.
“All I know is that this came on gradually and that as her brown eyes got lighter and lighter her vision got stronger and stronger.”
Scientists who have studied the X-ray girl anonymously confessed that she can see clearly through 4-inch thick concrete, a steel safe, solid rock walls and thick layers of wood, plastic and paper, including a telephone book!
Examination of her eyes reveals no striking differences other than the fact that the pupil and iris are completely white.
According to Mrs. Castro, Laura first began showing signs of her rare condition shortly after her 10th birthday in 2005.  The little girl’s dark brown eyes turned golden color, then gradually faded to white.
“I was real worried and I took her to doctors but they all said Laura’s eyes were normal,” Mrs. Castro recalled. “Then she began seeing through things.
“She woke up one morning and she could see through her own body. She could see her own heart beating and she was screaming. That really scared us.” The panic wore off after a few months, Mrs. Castro says, when Laura adjusted to her new X-ray vision.
Since then, the child’s only complaint is that her schoolmates avoid her because of her looks. “I tell her that she is special and that one day she will be very famous,” Mrs. Castro says.
Doctors have yet to verify Mrs. Castro’s claims on her daughter’s abilities, however she provided Weekly World News reporters with the photo above of Laura being examined.

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61 thoughts on “THE GIRL WITH X-RAY EYES”

  1. scientificly inpossible.sry but her eyes would need to be able to give off x-rays witch is impossible sry but uh this is deffinutly wronge

  2. This is pure crap. The pupil is a hole in your eye, now way that would be white. The attention whore who wrote this doesn't even know how eyes work.

  3. prbably a hoax but she dosn't look wierd she looks cool! hope she can contral that x-ray stuuf that would suck not being able to watch tv or see what people look like or read a book!

  4. actually this kind of power is something that comes natural if you develop Buddhism meditation. to tell you the truth lots of people has this kind of power, but you just need to control it. maybe you should consult some of Buddhism people that has Jhana power. pls contact the person that has this power not to have bad feelling about it. in Buddhism people like you are consider rare and the reason you have that eyes is only because you develop Dibaccaku meditaion in your past life(something natural if it is for me). it is not miracle just something natural in Buddhism. in you past life I believe you develop Dibaccaku power( oh yeah and to remind those who haven't read about reincarnation,pls check out Dr ivan stevenson blog abaout prove of reincarnation)

  5. logically, if everything she sees is transparent, does it means that she cannot see anything???? i.e. blind, how dz her eyes identified outer part and inner part of something??

  6. I think a secret government agency has locked her up in a basement somewhere and is currently probing all her orifices. Maybe they will find out that she hid a miniature x-ray collimator in her nose or that she is pretty tight for a California girl.

  7. even an eye can't see without it's biological components. there's no significant medical facts… so it's a hoax.. definitely hoax…

  8. Wow! Real life Supergirl! maybe she's from krypton.. What's next? super strength? I envy you girl, you've been given a gift, use it for the good of mankind. Remember what Uncle Ben says, with great power comes great responsibilty. :=)
    … obviously too much comics stufff..

  9. I do not know it is true or falls. I did not see her. But it is true that God give so many example to show his power to the believers to believe in God and His creations to do only good things in this World. To be good with every, help the people, never create any unrest in this world. All the religions, all the Prophets said that.

  10. dnt be mean if it is real i'm sure the girl and her parents would be extremely upset to readl all the negative comments on here and swearing too!!! mind ur tongues people if its real or not it doesn't matter wat matters is to be understanding to the family and hopeful tht her eyes go bac to normal

  11. for everyone who putting those bad comments yall need to stop. you never know whats real or not. even i its not yall need watch what yall say on here. i think its cool ,ive been wanting white eyes for the longest ..yall shouldnt treat her like she a muntant or something she a human being just like the rest of us.

  12. Well, I REALLY WISH TO BE ACCEPTED AS A FAMILY FRIEND AND I PROUD THAT GIRL AND HER BRAVE FAMILY .. i do believe she will be good for mankind but time is yet to come
    Greetings and best wishes

  13. Hey! Laura! Diz is 4 u!
    '' Ur the gift 4m GOD, don't b upset! Ur special!
    Ignore those who comment u badly, b sure wid urself, b happy!
    May God bless u wid peace nd mercy, nd grant nice husband 4 ur future''

  14. Wow! that is really cool 🙂 i wish i could have what you have, your a special person In God's eyes!
    What i think is wierd is that we have the same name and age, But my name is Laura Gisselle Castro, and im 14


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