I’m madder than a camel with a leaky hump about our new Communist-in-Chief giving his first interview to an ARAB TV channel!

Now, I laughed off those crazy stories about Barack Obama being a secret Muslim, although his nutty old preacher DID make Louis Farrakhan sound like Billy Graham. (Answer me this, Reverend Wrong: if God hates America, why did he give us the prettiest country with the most stuff? And if we’re all out to get you, how come you’re still walking around?)

I don’t know what to think after that interview. Would Franklin Delano Roosevelt give his first Presidential interview to Imperial Jap radio? (Probably, come to think of it. Never trusted that little twerp…)

The Teleprompter Kid thinks he’s so smart, sending old man George Mitchell around the Middle East, just because Mitchell had something to do with peace in Northern Ireland. Yeah, right! As if Arabs are anything like Irishmen: at least Arabs don’t get drunk, sing sad songs and pray to statues.

I can’t believe the Arabs didn’t make Obama wear a dishtowel on his head while they yacked at him in their backward lingo. And it was like he was saying sorry to them instead of the other way around! Yet we’re the ones who built the Arabs’ oil wells, and gave then all kinds of fancy gadgets, since the last thing they invented was the pyramid – and even then, they had to get the Hebrews to help them! And what did we get from the Arabs in return? Shish kabob, mixed up cab drivers and a great big hole in the ground.

The Communist-in-Chief told the Arabs, “Americans are not your enemy.” Well, speak for yourself, Mr. President. This red, white and blue blooded Yankee still wants to see bin Laden field-dressed like a she-moose and strung up from the Statue of Liberty!


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