BOSTON, MA  –  Bat Boy is outraged over the postponement of the Red Sox home opener.Bat Boy was scheduled to attend his first baseball game at Fenway Park this evening. However, officials have cancelled the game due to heavy rain. Dressed and ready to go in his newly purchased fan gear, Bat Boy was very disappointed when he showed up at the stadium unaware of the game change.

After arriving at Fenway Park, Bat Boy decided to join other outraged fans who had decided to camp out overnight and wait for the highly anticipated home opener. The game against the Tampa Rays was rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Bat Boy and his new friends strolled over to Who’s On First to meet up with other loyal Sox fans.
Italian Sausages and lemonade were the items of choice for Bat Boy while others consumed multiple PBR’s.  I can only imagine – a few PBRs and the night will be flooded with tunes of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”.

Nothing like some Sox spirit for Bat Boy’s first game debut.

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