President Obama announced that for today only – the borders to the U.S. will be wide open.  All are welcome!

The President signed an Executive Order today, making April 1st officially “Open Borders Day.”   The order stipulates that on the first day of April – in every year – “the borders of the United States shall be open for all people of the world to enter into our country without any restraints or restrictions.”

New immigrants arrive at Kennedy Airport.  They’re in!!


Immigrants slowly strolled across the Arizona border this morning.


Basically, the Executive Order states that if you can make it over the border today – you are in and can be put on a “path to citizenship.”

President Obama felt that for twenty-four hours, any human being who wants to be in America, “will have the opportunity to do so.”  The President reportedly told the White House Press Corps that believes this will actually help alleviate illegals crossing the border.

“Hey, if we just let them in on one day a year, then they can all wait for that day and walk across without anybody getting hurt or arrested on either side of the border.  It’s a safer, more peaceful way to let people in.”


Four U.S. Senators, including Sen. John McCain of Arizona, approved of “Open Borders Day.”   Sen. McCain told WWN, “Hey, it’s worth a shot.  They have one day to cross, and then on the other days, we’ll just tighten it up again.”

Most Republicans disagreed were quick to pounce on the President’s Executive Order.  Senator Ted Cruz of Texas told WWN, “I think this is an impeachable offense.  The President gave an oath to protect the borders of the United States and here he is allowing anybody, no matter what their background, to cross.”

This was posted on the White House web site this morning:


Others were worried that some terrorists would take advantage of the “free” crossing day.  “Oh please, there are already terrorists sneaking into our country, if the borders are open they actually might wait until they close the borders, so they can do it secretly,” White House Press Secretary reportedly said.


If you do cross on April 1st, you are required to announced your arrival.   The standard announcement required of all those entering is: “My name is xxxx, and I have arrived in the United States of America.”

President Obama celebrate Open Borders Day with a new American citizen, who arrived this morning from Jacinto, Mexico.


So, come on over!  You only have twenty-four hours to get in!


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