ABC has reportedly fired Barbara Walters from The View and forced her out of the network altogether.


Barbara Walters addressed news of her retirement on Monday’s “The View” saying:

“There were many reports last week that I was retiring from ABC and there was an assumption that I would be making an an announcement today. The paparazzi were outside my home today… however, here I am, and I have no announcement to make. But I do want to say this: that if and when I might have an announcement to make, I will do it on this program, I promise, and the paparazzi guys — you will be the last to know.”


Soon after The View ended – Barbara Walters was fired by the network.  The official network announcement that WWN received anonymously from sources inside ABC reads:

“Ms. Walters has been a wonderful member of the ABC Family for decades. We honor her and her work. But we need to move in a new direction and help bring younger people back to ABC.  We wish Ms. Walters well and hope she has a comfortable retirement in Florida.”


Security Guards watched Barbara Walters pack up her office and desk.  She reportedly will be receiving pay for The View and 20/20 for the remainder of the year and – then that’s it.  She’s out.

“I’m surprised she lasted so long,” said a TV insider.  “She should have been thrown out of ABC a decade ago.  They need new blood.”

Rumors are swirling that Fox News star, Megyn Kelly, will be taking over “The View” as well as all the other assignments that normally would go to Barbara Walters.

“She had a great career, but come on… she’s too old to be on TV,” said an executive, who just turned 35.


Joy Behar announced that she was leaving The View this summer and Elizabeth Hasselback was also fired.

It’s going to be an all new View starting this summer.

Bye-bye Ba-Ba.

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3 thoughts on “BARBARA WALTERS FIRED!”

  1. LOL … Weekly World News is the most entertaining website around. I heard that Batboy is taking Barbara Walters place on the View.

  2. Oh. thank goodness Baba is going. I don't know who died and made her queen. It is like when she speaks everyone has to "bow to her." I agree she has nothing to say, and when she does speak takes TOO LONG TO SAY IT.


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