McLEAN, VA. – A Virginia woman was arrested for breastfeeding her one-month old son near the home of the G.O.P. Presidential hopeful.

After speculation that Callista Gingrich made the 911 call to report the breastfeeding woman, the former Speaker’s wife explained her reasoning at a news conference. “Yes, I made the call. I spoke up on behalf of my family and Newt’s campaign. We support the McLean Police Department’s aggressive stance on public indecency and the decision to arrest Ms. Valentine. This is a family neighborhood filled with hard-working American people. We stand together as a community. We will not allow people like this to infiltrate. We are trying to rebuild the America we love, and there is no room for obscenity.”

First-time mother Sherry Valentine was charged with indecent exposure and child endangerment for allegedly pulling over to feed her son. Valentine claims she couldn’t calm the baby because she was driving. She stopped the car on what she called “a quiet street” and sat on a seat in a park gazebo, just a few blocks from the Gingrich home.

Ms. Gingrich happened upon the scene as she returned from a campaign event celebrating her husband’s South Carolina primary victory. It is unclear where Valentine and her newborn live, but neighborhood association sources confirm, “they’re not from around here. “

When answering questions from reporters, Gingrich continued, “It’s inappropriate, really. People need to take care of these situations in private. Some secrets should remain behind closed doors.”

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  1. They spotted what I said I liked it did you know Johnny Depp I met him 2003 he Best Actor later Pirate Movies Started and did they sell Draculas Castle ? Was he ever there? Royalty to sell $125 mil also the article was changed title Breastfeeding banned near Gangrich home Breastfeeding Arrest near Gangrich Home 24 now 25 Jan 2012.

  2. As a Lactation Consultant sometimes the only way to calm a baby is to breastfeed . America is the only country that thinks breastfeeding is primative.It is infact the humanly way to feed a baby.If more people do it in public spaces then no one will be shocked by this beautiful experience!

  3. it's assault with a milk laden breast feeding an infant. Much more deadly than what we are doing in Afghanistan and Libya, and Iraq and what we want to do in Iran and Korea and other places. Much deadlier than taking heating oil and and housing and medical benefits from the old and disabled, Newt will tolerate brains and guts flying than the sight of a breast feeding mother. Something's wrong.

  4. Holy crap people!!!!! We "will not allow people like this to infiltrate". Excuse me??? People like what??? People who want to feed their babies the most perfect food ever created????? This is so shameful that a GOP candidate would do this! I am so outraged that ANYONE would speak like this about breastfeeding.

  5. Wow. I don't even know where to begin describing how ridiculous this entire situation is. I feel so bad for that poor mother and her child. Calling the police on a woman feeding her baby the way god intended is ignorant, prudish, and cruel. The law protects breastfeeding mothers! I'm appalled that police actually arrested her and even more so that she was charged – and with child endangerment, no less!

    This is a shameful, repulsive, outrageous incident.

  6. This is sickening! Guess how many women WILL NOT be voting for him now? HOW IGNORANT!!! What kind of country arrests people for FEEDING THEIR BABIES??

    • Can you spell HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get you head out of the sand and research things like this before you get your nickers in a bunch!

  7. People who let their breast hang out in public break the law. The only reason a women would do this would be to draw attention to herself. She could have easily covered herself with a blanket or even her shirt if she didn't have one. My wife breastfed both our children and never had to expose her breast in public to do so. If you wave nakedness in public, it is indecent.

    • Go put a blanket over your head, while your eating on the toilet. A man at the beach with out a shirt on is not indecent. But a woman feeding her child is? Grow up, their Just boobs, if she was strutting down a cat walk in lingerie, or at the beach in a bikini this conversation wouldn't be happening.

    • First of all, it didn't happen.Second of all, the article stated that she was on a park bench.
      Read and then fact check.

    • Virginia State law disagrees with you, explicitly protecting the right of mothers to breastfeed anywhere that they are otherwise authorized to be, and exempting breastfeeding from the definition of "indecency". Don't like it, move to Iran.

    • youre an idiot.. honestly. if you think theres anything sexual or "wrong" about breastfeeding you need your head examined.

    • You're an idiot. Yeah right, we nurse our babies in public for attention. Get real! I feel bad for you wife! In 28 states, breastfeeding is exempt from indecency laws. Get your facts straight.

    • Really? I think you should cover YOUR head while eating. And it's not breaking the law in most states. In fact, most states have laws specifically stating that breastfeeding will not be considered indecent exposure; a sexual act; child molestation..etc. In Florida, the law states that a woman has a right to breastfeed anywhere that she has a right to be. Period.

    • you're a an idiot, learn the law. breastfeeding, as it should be, is perfectly legal anywhere a mother and baby have a legal right to be.

    • Comment from Germany: Is that the land of freedom?
      Laughing my butt off, it's so normal everywhere over here. If you don't like female breasts, look away! You can't do anything better for your kid than breastfeeding – whenever and wherever it needs it.

    • It's not indecent: it's BIOLOGY honey. …and the reason is to feed a hungry baby and has nothing to do with calling attention to yourself. YOU try eating your dinner under a blanket and get back to me on that one 'K..

    • You have problems if you think a woman feeding her screaming baby is trying to draw attention, I breastfeed and I try do it at home as much as possible, but there are times my baby has screamed and can only seetle once having a feed. Seeming you are a male I don't think you could possiby understand this as you all have it so easy. It is not nakedness if the baby is on the breast and clearly you must be sexualising this. it's not like stripping or roaming aroun dnude in public. Wake Up!!!

  8. She should help Ms Valentine and invite her to the house be kind in this moment because the MOTHER is so sensitive this moment she can stop have milk for put her in stress. If this happen to me I am sure I will take her to the court and make her pay for this situation. She never going to be a MOTHER OF UNITED STATES. I think she never be a mother once.

  9. i mean if this story is real… i think arrest was a little much, maybe a warning. But i do agree you shouldnt have your tits hang out. u may think its a special moment but it needs to be between u and your child not in public or exposed. when i breast fed i either covered up or went to a bathrrom, dressing room or some place privet not around children or men. Its not beautiful im sorry its just not. and i wouldnt want my kid asking about it, or a guy wishing that was him. All for Breast feeding but keep it privet.

    • thats messed up lady. "or a guy wishing that was him"

      honestly ridiculous. the fact that society makes women believe they need to go out of their way to breastfeed is why the breastfeeding rates are so low. society makes it so much work and sends the message that theres something sexual or shameful about it. horrible, honestly.

      you know what i think shouldnt be hanging out in public? nasty assed formula. its disgusting and i dont want MY kids asking about it.

    • Yeah you tell that to your screaming infant! "Sorry baby, you'll have to wait until we go somewhere private" Give me a break and get over it! A baby eating is NOT indecent or disgusting!

    • You're disgusting. You're making breastfeeding into a sexual act which it is NOT. If you think a guy is looking at that wishing it was him, your mind is seriously warped.

    • I agree with the repliers. Do you eat in your bathroom? It's disgusting, unsanitary and NOT beautiful. Breastfeeding IS beautiful and natural and believe it or not, that's what breasts are for. Not for "a guy wishing that was him". You should tell your children about it, otherwise they'll grow up to be as disgusting as you.

  10. OMG, you people are sooooo gullible!!! IT IS A HOAX!!! Check the web! There are NO other reports of this ANYWHERE! Only from the stupidest website on the planet. Hello they are like the Onion. Mrs Gingrich did no such thing, someone is messing with your heads and you all fell for it hook like and sinker!!! Go to the website that reported it, they also say Liam Neeson has switch over to Islam….. OMG where were you when I had land for sale in the Everglades???

    • A site called "Women's Views on News" picked it up from this site. They appear to be serious but are making a laughing stock out of themselves. They do link to this spoof site. They are sending it out over Twitter and Facebook. It is being retweeted everywhere. I have notified them. But they don't seem to be well moderated as I have not heard from them.

      Their site looks serious but if one is smart enough to click on their link, it brings you to this site. It is obvious that every story on this site is made up. Plus you know something is crazy when you see the logo of the Bat Boy on the baby who is nursing.

  11. Wow that says alot about Mr. Gingrich doesn't it. Im about as far away from an Obama supporter and I believe what the Gingrich family has to say is hitting way below the belt

  12. She obviously never breastfed her kids. Or had to try to take care of a baby by herself. When my niece had one of her baby's we had to pull over on the side of the road so she could nurse her and we were only going a few miles. And breastfeeding is NOT a "secret" or something to be ashamed of. I tried to breastfeed all 3 of mine, but they had problems and couldn't nurse right. But if I ever had another one I would try again.

  13. If you believe this is true your a complete moron. It's from the weekly world news people! Also I have a bridge for real cheap! Makes a great gift for the idiot who has everything!

  14. It's a hoax for all who are outraged. Look at the other stories on here. I was linked from Twitter to some sort of a woman's site to this crazy site. They seem to be letting us know subtly that they are tongue-in-cheek from their logo.

  15. OMGosh this is HORRIBLE. I most definately do NOT want this lady for first lady of the United State.
    I hope this mom has charges dropped soon and was released fast. I wonder what Virgina’s state law on breastfeeding is since the majority of states protect breastfeeding against these charges. Even if Virginia has not caught up with current times to think that a potential first lady of the US thinks that breast feeding is obscene makes her lower then low in my book, specially saying “some secrets should remain behind closed doors” Breastfeeding SHOULD NOT be considered a secret and something to hide. That is exactly the attitude which keeps society back from accepting breastfeeding as natural, normal, and amazing.
    There are currently nurse ins being scheduled to protest facebooks removing breastfeeding pictures, I think one needs to be scheduled in from of the Gingrich house.

  16. This can't be real. A) nursing in public is exempt from indecency laws in all 50 states I believe (I don't think there is a clause in west virginia), and it most assuredly would not be child endangerment unless the woman was riding down the road with her child unrestrained nursing.

  17. This article is fake, I live in Virginia and have been breastfeeding my daughter for a year and 3 months now. The laws here in Virginia are to PROTECT mothers.


    Va. Code 18.2-387 (1994) exempts mothers engaged in breastfeeding from indecent exposure laws.

    Va. Code 2.2-1147.1 (2002) guarantees a woman the right to breast-feed her child on any property owned, leased or controlled by the state. The bill also stipulates that childbirth and related medical conditions specified in the Virginia Human Rights Act include activities of lactation, including breast-feeding and expression of milk by a mother for her child. (H.B. 1264)

    HJ 145 (2002) Encourages employers to recognize the benefits of breastfeeding and to provide unpaid break time and appropriate space for employees to breast-feed or express milk.

    Va. Chapter No. 195 (2005) Provides that a mother who is breast-feeding a child may be exempted from jury duty upon her request. The mother need not be "necessarily and personally responsible for a child or children 16 years of age or younger requiring continuous care . . . during normal court hours" as the existing statute provides.

  18. WWN usually doesn't stoop this low on 'hoax' stories… Batboy is one thing… and as much as I could care less for the Gingrichs, this hoax doesn't feel right to me.

    • You are right. I found the picture of Batboy covering the latch hilarious; however, these kinds of stories – true or not – hinder society's acceptance of public breastfeeding. I am happy to see the outrage at the idea that something like this would happen. I've been BFing (and comfortably in public) for just about a year now, and will keep it up beyond the first birthday. Keep whipping them out, ladies!

  19. I think this is messed up, breastfeeding is a natural thing and shouldn't be looked down on as being indeacent, and I don't see how she was putting her child in danger. Now a few years back a local woman was charged because she was breastfeeding while driving, at least this women stopped and got out of the car. I think was have a bunch of stuck up people in this country.

  20. That should be a clue that this is a total hoax. But it's not the first one. Look at the picture with Bat Boy over the mother and baby in the picture. Every story on this site is fake.

  21. What has happened to this world??? Breastfeeding is the most natural and decent action in the world. Someone needs to set this woman straight! There are many "obsene" acts that COULD be performed in her neighborhood! Someone set up a protest and tell me where to report!

  22. I can't believe this sort of situation is still happening! The comments by ms Gingrich are apalling and I cannot understand how what ms valentine did by feeding her son is inddecent.

    This shows how judgemental and narrow-minded some individuals are.

    America prides itself on being a tolerant and forward- thinking nation but this is clearly not the case in this situation.

    The UK has laws that make it illegal for a woman to be asked to stop bteastfeeding in public.

  23. THIS IS DISGUSTING!!! Breastfeeding is not dirty or something that should be hidden. Grow up Mrs. Gingrich. Of all people to report this, a woman? I'm completely sickened by your immaturity. When a baby is latched you see no more than when a woman wears a bikini. I'm sorry that a breast offends you. I promise you, I'm going to post this on every website I can. You won't be getting votes from any breastfeeding mothers if I can help it.

  24. how can you rebuild a country on love if you donnt even allow a loving mother to comfort and feed her newborn son. and why should breastfeeding be a secretk? it is what it is, and this isnt 1912, its 2012.

  25. The health of the baby comes first. Baby needed to be fed so mother should feed. Narrow minded people object to the practice of breast feeding. It is the best way to feed baby and it is as old as time itself. Breastfeeding most definitely is not obscene!!!!! Shame on you Gingrich

  26. This woman is full of hypocrisy!:
    "This is a family neighborhood…and there is no room for obscenity."
    So why is there no room for a mother to feed her baby in a "family neighbourhood" then?!

    • Lol! The mom should be arrested for indecently exposing her baby to those temps in McClean, VA last week…mean temp about 40'. Look how scantily they were dressed! (And look how green the grass is in the "park"!) Of course this is a JOKE!

  27. I Breast feed my Daughter in public in a time that it was not a common thing to do. But I also did it without totally exposing myself. So I can understand both sides. I was never asked to leave anywhere but I could see in some peoples faces that it was bothering them. I didn't care, I wasn't showing myself to anyone and still interacting and giving my Child what she needed. Although I think being arrested in an extreme over reaction, women can handle feeding and caring for their babies in public without totally exposing themselves too.

  28. It's so creepy to me that someone could even sexualize a baby… nevermind harass a breastfeeding mother. This is likely a joke, no politician would make public comments like this, during election season. But it does happen, and truly makes my head spin. I just can't think of a baby nursing at a mother's breast as sexy, sexualized, or 'intimate' in the same way my husband and I are. It's no more intimate than when my 6-year old son and I cuddle on the couch! I feel terribly for those who are so sexually opressed that breastfeeding seems indecent.

  29. I am sick and tired of the rights of women being taken away one step at a time.
    Insurance makes a big deal out of Birth Control pills while Viagra is dispensed like sugar candy. I would never have an abortion but I believe that should be a decission between a women and her Dr. ,Not Politicians or government.
    Recently Baby formula has been found to have arsenic in it. You won't find that in mother's milk. Where are the insurance companies speaking up against babies drinking over the counter formula that they then have to pay for sick babies. Lets fight back.


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