Irish actor, Liam Neeson  has reportedly given up on his Catholic faith and is converting to Islam.

The Hollywood star, 59, was recently filming in Turkish city Istanbul and became fascinated with the Muslim faith during his stay.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it’s the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

“There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim.”

Soon after speaking with The Sun,  Liam met with prominent Muslim clerics and mullahs from Turkey and reportedly has begun the conversion.

The actor was raised in Northern Ireland as a Catholic altar boy and was named after his local priest.

On his Catholic beliefs, he said: “I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What’s it all about?

“I’m constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism.”

Neeson stars in the action/thriller, The Grey, which follows a number of men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, and forced to survive using little more than their wits as a pack of wolves comes after them.  It opens this weekend, January 27th.

Neeson has reportedly been seen reading a Koran and was in the middle of a meeting in Hollywood he left the room to bow to Mecca.

Could it be true?

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  1. MashaAllah, you have been blessed that the Almighty has opened your heart and soul. May Allah SWT always guide you down the right path!

  2. If this is true…and its a Fact…I hope Liam finds what he's looking for… People tend to forget…..
    All human beings are born Muslim first…(Allah created everything on this Planet (Earth)
    before their parents decide when the child hits around 9+ what religion to follow…. People then later in life find Islam again by Reverting….Like our friend Liam…May Allah bless you…and make your Iman grow… I hope to meet you someday

    • I disagree that 'all human beings are born muslim first'
      No one is born anything until their parents decide they are old enough to basically force their religion upon their child.
      Its when we reach maturity we can find the right religion for ourselves.

  3. I was hoping he would prevent the Force which is bugs in our favor they get nasty I live near a semi swamp the state used white chemical hoodies to do just weed killer here (Any offers on the table concerning bug s our enemies and the preventivitive measures other than DDT and Electric like a mist some new way tell us mabye a comment>>>) Thanks Ricky!Thats way up in the air your friend.

  4. may we all be consumed by Peace and all it's derivitives and consequences. The Way of The Islam will sooth and relieve all the disturbances and corruption of the hearts and spirits of the sincere soon. It is The Creator's Will. What He, Allah has willed is happening as we speak. Attend The Holy Qur'an, as though that book is the greatest institution on earth. Because…………it is!.

  5. Allhamdulillah,Allah gave him hidayah. I really hope this report is true. :') . Its his lfe, no one force him. All he has to do is to recite a few sentence and he is officially a Muslim. If he change his mind after recite those words, its ok :), its his choice.

  6. http://americaphile.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/life





    WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!!

  7. With respect, this is a wonderful story. Islam really is a better religion as the their book of God, Koran, is unharmed and preserved than any other books in the world.

    I believe Liam Neeson has made the right choice. He is a research person who did a careful study on religions. So he knows Islam and obtained information about it from a valid source and not from anti Islam sites.

    He's found his path!

    • Actually, the koran was redacted constantly and Mohammed's later teachings abrogate his earlier peaceful teachings… a book of jihad, not peace.
      The Bible has stood the test of time through unshakable evidences: Manuscript, archeology, prophesies that have been fulfilled to the day, and science… statistics, astronomy…

      I can only hope that Liam doesn't fall prey to this deception…

  8. Just want people to know that I am not RALPH. Some people feel they have to use anothers name to get attention. Im just glad that Liam didnt get sucked into the money pit known as Scientology.

  9. So you like the ritual of 5 prayers a day and the "stunning" mosques That's enough for you to condone the oppression of women is it? The stunning mosques and five prayers a day where women must stand behind a man because it is not permissable for her to stand beside him. It's not " the most beautiful, beautiful thing".Try to do a bit more research before making a public comment that gets international coverage .

    • Have you asked yourself why women's lines must be behind men's lines while performing Islamic prayers? If you are too lazy to look it up, at least use your mind to think about it.

    • Karen, give some credits to Liam Neeson. He is NOT stupid. Most of us trapped in a religion we are born into and raised to hate other religions. Islam is the religion since Adam. Does Islam really mean oppression of women??? Read the Hadith, girl and you will find Muhammad the prophet was a fighter of women freedom – so that they are protected from harm and not seen as sex objects. I mean, how can we build a god-fearing nation if their mothers or mothers-to-be are busy with booze, boys and nite-clubs? I am a Muslim woman with an amazing, god-fearing husband and 3 wonderful sons. Am I oppressed??? Do I walk behind my husband???I dunno where you get the info from but most of the time it's my husband who has to walk behind me because he's heavy with my 2 younger sons in his arms and on his shoulders or carrying the groceries I purchased with my money that I earned working as a lawyer.. which qualifications I obtained from Boston. So am I oppressed?? Karen, YOU TRY TO DO A BIT MORE RESEARCH, you will find out that Islam has placed women in the highest possible respect and women oppression most of the time has something to do with tribal traditions customs or personal attitude problems in some men.

    • Hello, how are you ????
      my name is Mahmoud, actually i want (you) to do more research about islam, because its really
      not like what you think, Islam is incredibly tolerant, beautiful, peacfull…….
      such as this video that i want you to watch about a girl asking about women in islam,
      (please) watch, and you will find more answers.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaOFEuin0ec

  10. You "showed" hadith for everything but for """ using them like the sides of a vagina to ejaculate"""

    And the hadith you mention does not tell how old she was, when she did this…

    You can not take some hadith, then make something up like u whant… God have mercy over you soul, Amen.

  11. Its not about beuaty of call to prayer; its whether Jesus is the Son of God or not, and whether Muhammeds claims are greater than Christs. He apparently flew to medina on a winged horse, and the coran says camels can talk, and that the devils sleep in peoples noses at night, etc, so I think islam is simply false.

    • Just think deep….Can we people make a winged horse?Can we teach or make camels to talk?Devils?Well some people believe if they cannot see the physical of one thing then the thing does not exists. Well, can we people see the physical of wind??Can anybody show how the physical of wind looks like?Yet we believe the wind is there…This is what differentiate we people and God…limitation of power….and there is no God except ALLAH..I'm proud to be a Muslim yet I never curse or disrespect other religions because as a human I don't have the power to ask all people to believe in what I believe. We human can only presenting and explaining about what we believe in.

    • As a son of God, I can say there is no name on earth other then the name of Christ by which we must be saved. When you have the truth, and Jesus Christ is the truth, then and only then can you see through the darkness of the worlds false religions. Islam is darkness, and all trapped by it are in darkness.

    • Islam is a demonic cult. All who go to it live in darkness. Jesus is the word of God that became flesh. Salvation is for all who repent, and place their faith in Christ alone.

    • John u know so little. Read more and you'll know how the teachings of Jesus (prophet esha') is adherent with Islam, but they were reinvented and misused by Romans to retain their power. Romans who maltreated Jesus became the heroes in the bible they concocted. Read more for your guidance.

  12. The amount of false information people in the west have about Islam is too shameful and too disturbing!!!
    The comments above have nothing to do with my religion! I wonder if people are willing to correct their information, or maybe prejudice is just too strong a blindfold!

  13. There is no difference in the three surviving Godly religion , Islam is the religion of Adam and Ibrahim, Judaism, Christianity and others came to emphasises and soften some aspects of the belief! all we need the three religions cut the politics and go back to the one God, Muslims to go back to the real Islam and respect humanity, Jews to admit reality and stop wanting to be the only chosen ones, and for the Christians to stop panicking and trying to survive on building differences.
    here share this link, I found a sensible Jew, still looking for a sensible Christine and a Muslim, it is a start! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&am… Enjoy! 🙂

  14. Guys think :
    Prophet from the middle East are:
    Abraham ,Lot,Isac,shmael, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus, John, Mohammed and all of the prophets are from the middle east. so put in your mind that Jesus is from the middle East and not from Liverpool and he was called terrorist by his roman enemies. Mohammed is from the same family tree as jesus, do your research and you will find out he was a submitter to God/Allah submitter mean Muslim and Muslim can be white, black, yellow or red skinned the difference between us is believing in one creator that Ellah /Allah. Liam has found the right path, path of peace and you will see he will be called many names just as Jesus was called, why? because he was a believer. Mohammed and Jesus have changed the world . Think, open your ears, open your eyes speak up and don't be the opposite.

    • Right religion of peace.. and No Israel.. jews must die, the holocust didn't happen to the Jews.. the mohammed was contacted by a messenger he said.. not "God" so he isn't a prophet and he took the Holy Bible and the Torah.. to make the quran.. and Jesus was to them a prophet.. and the muslim people put mohammad on the petal with "God".. so "Blessed by Mohammad" they pray to him and worship him and that is the same criticism they give to the Catholics that they have Saints.. Right..

  15. "We have believed in Allah and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and the Descendants and what was given to Moses and Jesus and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims for Him."

    Quran 2:136

  16. Islam was revealed to Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and descendants and to Moses and Jesus and all the prophets and all were Muslims ( Who submits his will ) Quran chapter 2 verse 136.

  17. Liam has not giving up Christianity! so wake up guys!!
    and if he dose, then no turning back, or he will be Killed!!!
    And if he has 1% brain then he should not convert to a Dangerous Religion like Islam!!
    There is no Love,Peace or Forgiveness in the Islam, like the other religions!

    And how can all the Muslims Follow a man that: Killed, Raped and started wars! if you Islamic people have some Brain, start reading all the Quraan and with an open mind!, don't ask your Imam about explanations, use your brain,.

    here are some words taken from the Quraan:

    Quran (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.” The last part meaning of course that if they convert to Islam then stop killing them. How nice.

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Quran (4:89) – “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”
    This verse is particularly interesting as it says that renegades/apostates should be murdered. Apologists use that old chestnut ‘context’, arguing, correctly or incorrectly, that this was in a time of war.
    Regardless, Islam is saying at the very least, in times of war, apostates should be murdered.

    Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

    Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”
    ‘People of the Book’ referring to Jews and Christians. Jizya is a tax that non-Muslims MUST pay under Sharia law.

    Quran (9:123) – “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

    Qur’an (5:51) – “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

    Qur’an (2:223) – “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will…” This condones rape in marriage. Polygamy (for men only of course) is also allowed in Islam.

    Qur’an (4:34) – “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.”
    This condones wife-beating as a last resort(!).

    Islam is a Dangurous Religion, and should be stopped!

    Mike Johansson

    • hey peeps, usual forum of blind christian faithers, check out what jesus (peace be upon him) said about his enemies

      ''But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me'' [Luke C19 V 27]

    • First of all, and what count the most is that how you interpret the surah.you are wrong in interpreting the surah yet you act like you know everything. it's simply because you are Christian and you only want to see what you see.if you open your heart by not being very cynical to Islam, then you will know the story behind it. have you wonder why a lot of people has converting themselves to Islam these days?there MUST be something great about Islam. have you ever think about it? you need to learn more. sincerely from me.

  18. Don't be whinner when someone step on to Islam… its not ur business mind ur own! It's just they have a brain to think more about.. 🙂

  19. you are a pedopphile, it is clear from your sick imagination. you need to see a doctor. nobody wants to read your pedopphile phantasies you lunatic and do not aproach other peoples kids with your sick mind.

  20. Then he doesnt give a dam about christians being murdered yes pray to macca liam give up on your catholic faith turn your back on jesus when judgement day comes he will turn his back on you I pray you dont convert to islam islam is evil look at all islamic countries Christians in hiding in fear of being killed tell the persecuted mother that you are converting to islam and she tell you how her child was beheaded for not converting to islam they all read the same quran dont believe any of them when they claim they love Jesus because if they did they wouldn't murder those who pray to jesus,they are out to distroy everything what your fathers fought for freedom islam isnt peace why would god offer you virgins in heaven moslim belive if you dont drink on this earth you can drink in the next life dont have many girlfriends in this life but you get plenty of virgins in the next ,so other words when you died you can have a orgies in heaven , if you follow God then you know the true God doesnt offer you this only satan,



  23. Islam is truth and prominent again…All non Muslims think of second why you here on earth doing what…What is purpose of your life…think….. and Stop abusing Islam criticizing Islam..

  24. Yeah well you keep your opinions to your self what do yous believe in nothing, you just live and die everything has purposes.

  25. Too bad, he doesnt need your permission to convert. Really, with or without Liam, Islam is here to stay so get used to that fact.

  26. These… if true, are very sad news, to renounce Christ Our Lord for a sentimental moorish prayer is so painful, us Christians who are Catholic have.. (we will know this if we truly practice our faith); beautiful, profound prayers, inspiring deep meditation, The Word of God in Holy Scripture and yes The Lord will drive You Crazy of Love to and for Him and you will be able to have that intimacy with Him if you truly Know Him, Love Him and Serve Him! To renounce Him is death of self and your beautiful soul as it has been created eternal for salvation not damnation unless you chose that.
    I am sorry if these news are true for the poor soul of Liam Neeson, he must be a very confused man and for sure never knew his Faith truly, nor was truly a devout Catholic, other wise he would never comment something like this especially knowing how the moors have persecuted and killed so many Christians even today…I pray these news are hoaks and Neeson was misquoted for the sake of his soul who's made into God's Image. May God Have Mercy on us all and may Our Blessed Mother Mary guide him and all other who are on the same erroneus "journey" to the loss of God's grace .

  27. Ya Allaaaaaaaah, am really glad for him,like this actor and now i like him even more for using his reason to find the one and only right path.
    May Allah guide everyone to see it..Ameen.

    Peace 🙂

  28. all you haters are just straight up IGNORANT! people grow to become better and do better things in life and this is why liam decided to let islam in his life. its a the only true religion. All you haters are just like puppets listening to all the horrible things the media has to say (the only things they want u to hear.) meaning hiding the truth from everyone. And stop saying all those disturbing things because u are just disrespecting and making a fool out of yourself. i would respect other's religion as i would want others to respect my religion ISLAM.

  29. to those who says bad things about other relegion, please keep your anger and hater to the side and read about this relegion to enrich your knowledge and find the truth
    thank u

  30. why dont you islam haters explain that the verse above about killing was used only during war and not outside this, take your blinkers off and look outside the square. islam is here to stay

    • You are struggling inside. It is hard for you to kick against the pricks. Christ has already overcome this world,
      and every knee shall bow to Him, and every tongue confess that He is Lord. That includes Mohamad, and all
      who follow him. You do not have to perish. Its too late for Mohamad.

  31. Have you ever bothered to listen to the Quranic verses. If not, listen, you will get peace because the Quran has the verses from God.

  32. Hi Brother, Peace be on you. you know so much Quran than a normal muslim. what ever you say is right but out of context. could you please take some more time and read before and after of the verses you have quoted. Islam means peace not just like that but literally. And we Muslims get angry when some one says against Allah,Quran or his messenger(PBUH).

  33. before we read Qur'an (2:191-193), you should read Qur'an (2:190), and it's becoming clear. sorry, i cannot read all of your statement, and my english is not good, too.

  34. You did read the Koran, Mike??? So you know the truth…I declare that Islam is the Religion of love & peace…Islam doesn't teach any violence, anyone who did violence and terorism genuinely not Moslem…The essence of Islam is Rahmatan Lil Alamiin (Bless and Kindness Upon this Universe)…

  35. Brother don't say like this Islam is the ever peaceful religion and these verses are in a case when the nonbelievers oppressed you as like Palestinians, Kashmirian and other oppressed nations are so they don't have the right to live in this world ? the whole world is busy to fenish their existence so what a nation must do to save their ideology or to oppressed by them ?

    • I don't believe that Liam neesan ever had a true experience with God. He is a prime canidate for deception.
      The whole world lies in darkness, including Islamists. There is only one true light of the world. Walk in it
      while you have it.

  36. ISLAM is the only true RELIGION and ALLAH is the only God and HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) is the last Prophet of ALLAH …. Islam is a religion of peace.. read QURAN with open eyes , brain and heart.. in reality u r terrorist whose saying that HE WILL BE KILLED IF HE TURNED .. and for sure ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT THERE WILL BE NO MERCY FOR NON BELIEVERS LIKE YOU WHO KEEP ON DENYING TRUTH AND FOLLOW THE DARKNESS

    • This is your moment, your hour, your time. Do what you can in the name of Allah. Your days are numbered.

  37. no you're wrong . if you have %1 brain . you don't say "dangerous religion" . tell me why don't you write down this verse:
    "who had killed a person it's like he had killed all the human beings on the surface of the earth and whoever who will save a life shall be regarded as if he gave life to all the human beings on the surface of the earth." (5:32)
    or this verse
    " …….don't kill any soul forbidden by allah………"(6:151)
    and about the women the Christianity had not respect the women .and those who said "women are animals but god had created them in human body" you just respect women when they are young but when they are old you don't. an old woman dies in her home and nobody knows until her dog eats her because of hunger. before islam the people was ashamed of girls . when the baby was girl they put her underground alive but islam made it a very big sin. remind Christianity history see if there are rights of women. remind the greedy priests remind killing the the scienetists by the priests. remind killing Galilo. remind the priests saying "earth is on an cows horn and the cow is on a fish and the fish is swimming in water. but then watch Islam about science . the prophet Mohammad ( peace be upon him) had said " look for science and if it's in China" and it's not just for men but for all humans.
    and why didn't you write down this verse about Jews and Christians :
    "………do not argue with the people of the book except in good taste……." (29:46)
    And about Gospel it was god's word but you changed it to earn a little of money.
    In the holy quran:
    "Woe to those who write the book with their own hands and then say:"this is from Allah," so that they may sell it for a petty price! woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they have earned."2:79
    in the bible there are to many verses that proves Jesus is not god's son . but you blind your eyes. but what you do whatever whenever you can't turn down the light of Islam. Because it's from Allah .and eventually THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS PROPHET.

    • Catholics hated science not Christians. Isaac Newton was Christian. When was the last time we got any scientific breakthroughs or inventions from Arabia?

    • Years ago but they included the invention of the number 0 ,advances in surgery and medicine and 500 before Copernicus a Muslim scholar already theorised about the sun being in th centre!

  38. no you're wrong . if you have %1 brain . You don't say "dangerous religion" . Tell me why don't you write down this verse:
    "who had killed a person it's like he had killed all the human beings on the surface of the earth and whoever who will save a life shall be regarded as if he gave life to all the human beings on the surface of the earth." (5:32)
    Or this verse
    " …….don't kill any soul forbidden by Allah………"(6:151)
    And about the women the Christianity had not respect the women .and those who said "women are animals but god had created them in human body" you just respect women when they are young but when they are old you don't. an old woman dies in her home and nobody knows until her dog eats her because of hunger. Before Islam the people was ashamed of girls. When the baby was girl they put her underground alive but Islam made it a very big sin. Remind Christianity history see if there are rights of women. Remind the greedy priests remind killing the the scientists by the priests. Remind killing Galileo. Remind the priests saying "earth is on an cows horn and the cow is on a fish and the fish is swimming in water. But then watch Islam about science. The prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) had said " look for science and if it's in China" and it's not just for men but for all of them.
    And why didn't you write down this verse about Jews and Christians:
    "………do not argue with the people of the book except in good taste……." (29:46)
    And about Gospel it was god's word but you changed it to earn a little of money.
    In the holy Quran:
    "Woe to those who write the book with their own hands and then say:"this is from Allah," so that they may sell it for a petty price! Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they have earned."2:79
    In the bible there are too many verses that proves Jesus is not god's son. But you blind your eyes. But what you do whatever whenever you can't turn off the light of Islam. Because it's from Allah .and eventually THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IN HIS PROPHET.

  39. you just keep going to the night clubs,get drunk,run after each others sisters,and listen to music,and keep eating the pig,as you act like it. you should open your heart and eyes before telling others to do so,you might find the truth.

  40. when Islam be the evil
    are islam how the followers killed every one Quds when Crusade invasion come to plastine i don't think so are the islam cause two war killed over than 30 million people i don't think so too open your brain then speak don't be like animal talk with understanding

  41. islam is the correct way i sware this is the right there are mercy and and faith to reach the haven in the other life and the beautefaul proft mohamed the best man in the world take alook this and open the brain look say the allah the only one he likes us and he wanna to be good

    • Jesus said, "No man can come to me, except the spirit of my Father draw him. And all
      that the Father gives to me will come to me. And whosoever comes to me, I will in no wise
      cast out." In Him is life, and the life is the light of men. Do not turn away from Him whom the
      Father has sent. But, ….you will not come to the light, lest yours deeds be reproved. Jesus
      is the light of the world, all else is darkness. He came to make known to the world the love
      of the Father. Do not reject His love against yourself. He came to save you, not to destroy you.

    • This is the last days we are living in. This is Islam's time. It is it's last push for world dominance. Much of Europe and the mid-east will come under its power. The west will not, though it will have to put up a certain
      struggle. Islam has certainly come into the forefront of world events. It will continue to go forward in persuasion
      and aggression. Thinking that it is accomplishing God's will, it will reign in terror and destruction everywhere
      it pervades. Do all you can do in the name of your god allah, for it will be the last you will ever do forevermore.

    • This is Islam's moment. Do what you will in the name of your god allah. It is given to you for a certain time.
      It is your last push for world dominance. The west will struggle against you, but many in Europe and the
      mid-east will come under your sway. But your days are numbered, and sadly millions will be lost. They will
      believe a lie, and be damned with all who disreguard the Lord Jesus from heaven.

  42. islam is the complet religion, that god gives us to follow and muhammad peace be upon him is the last prophet. quran teach us how to live worship and doing our things. open you eyes read it and understand you will have peace on your heart to worship only allah the creator

  43. Don't you know, Liam, that by turning to Islam, you trample the precious blood of Jesus
    under your foot? There is no other way to the Father, except thru Him whom He has sent. If
    the world hates Jesus, because He is the way, the truth and the life, the door. No man comes to
    the Father but by Him. The world will hate you too. Do not be decieved. This new idea of viewing
    all religions as equal and their leaders as great is a lie. The Al Madhi is the antichrist. Don't
    you know that? There is a spirit turned loose in the world today, a spirit of unity, peace, brother-
    hood, tolerance, acceptance of the beautiful thing in everyone. It is the last day, and such is to
    be expected. Many will be decieved and lost. Please, I beg of you, do not let go of Jesus Christ.

    • The Ad-Dajjal is the anti-christ not the imam Al-Mahdi… Many of us are very ignorant when getting involved with issues like this. I kindly suggest that we should seek knowledge first of the things we'd like to protest against.

  44. Who owns this weekly world news? Hypocrites! You say that you are "tolerant" of all . But you
    hae despised and supressed the truth. Repent! Or you will meet the judgement of God.

  45. Repent, and believe the good news. No child of God hates anyone, and can only rejoice
    in the truth, as the truth is in Jesus. Do not be decieved, dear friend. I know that you are as
    dedicated to Islam, as I am to Christ. Either Jesus is all that He said He was, or He is
    nothing. He is Lord of all, or He is not Lord at all. It is only the spirit of the living God that
    can make you to know. If it dosen't now, you will know in the end.

  46. Brother, i love your movies. You can act good, really good. Allah made you successful in this life, so why not thank him and become Muslim? Just for doing that, you'll enter Heaven. I always thought that you should become Muslim, no joke. If you are still unsure, then search up lectures on Islam and how it is compared to other religions. God willing, you'll find all the proof you need to make you believe in Allah and his Messengers.

    I'll ask Allah to guide you and to accept Islam.

    • Don't be a fool, Liam. Are you His lamb? His sheep know His voice. A stranger they will not follow.

  47. Christ will come to you and show you the truth, if you will ask Him. All men are liars. Do not let your anger
    keep you from asking.

  48. God will show you the truth, if you will ask Him. All men are liars. Those present and from all past. There is
    only the truth, do not let your anger keep you from looking for it. The truth will make you free. Love will give
    you peace. Dare to beleive what God has said of His Son, before it is everlasting too late.

  49. Who started the first world war ? Muslims ? Who started the second world war ? Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?? No , They weren't Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly… If a non-Muslim do something bad..it is crime. But if a Muslim commit same..he is terrorist… So first remove this double standard…then come to the point!!!

    • Muslims will NOT take over the world! Get that in your head. No false muslim Messiah will dominate the
      west. You better believe that. No matter what history has been, there will be no future muslim world!

  50. Jesus did not speak of this as an instruction. If you read the entire chapter you will find this is taken from a parable about a king returning to find the man who buried his money. The point of the parable was to not waste the gifts God has given you. Often people such as yourself take a small piece to validate their own understanding.

    I guess people on the Titanic thought the ice berg wasn't as big either…

    Perhaps you should read more and google less.

  51. Why don't you tell the world about the great revival among muslims that is taking place at this moment? Many
    are turning to Jesus Christ, because they have realized the truth that is in Him. Ask the people that have
    converted, they will tell you the truth. There is reality, NOW,….in Him. Unspeakable joy and peace that passes
    all understanding. That is what the world is hungering for, and cannot find it anywhere but in Him.

  52. Your spelling and grammar needs improving, oh and by the way, are you muslim? I guess not, you would not know the true meaning of islam. Liam Neeson did convert to Islam and that his own choice, so i suggest you make a change to your beliefs because the religion you are following seems to think that it is okay to mock and be rude and racist to others. Think through it and i hope that you will find the right path. Thank you, i didn't mean to be rude but your comments were very upsetting and it is a bad idea to express such views in a world where quite a lot of people are of the religion you are talking about.

  53. It says he bowed to Mecca. Wow lol. Muslims prostrate to Allaah(God) not Mecca! And I really hope its true tht he reverted. One more person entered the truth and shown the light 🙂

  54. to Mike Johansson: I won't say much, except: May Allah Almighty forgive you for all the allegations which you claim are attributed to the second biggest religion on Earth. Proud to be Muslim.

  55. I dont see what the huge hype is about. I am christian, my best friend is muslim. It is completely within his right to believe that, and I admire him for having the courage in such a discriminant world to go through with it all, well done man 🙂 besides, islam and christianity are actually VERY similar, a few minor differences and false allegations plus extremists and we have ourselves an islam hating community, no one bothers to actually study the real religion impartially

    • That's rite , am Muslim to and my best friend is Christian , I love him he is looks like a brother to me , ,,, there is one God for all of us and we have to be more opened mind , as a Muslim I love Christian community . We all have a same program's from God ….. Love and pease for every one .

  56. Do Christian religion and Islam , maked the atomic bomb ? Do they told the leaders to murder and kill millions people ? Do they order to made millions of weapon and tanks to mad distractions on earth ? NO brothers and sisters , we are do that , Persons not God , if any one read cheerfully Cristian religion and Islam , then they gonna understand that these Riligion are just love and not distractions , I hove every one oppen there mind and understand what God wants from us , love Christians ,,, love Muslims , love every one …………..

  57. Mike, if that is your judgment of Islam, then shall I invoke so many verses from the old and new testament which can be construed as extremely violent and dangerous.

    Any religion can be portrayed as bad and or violent as you did to Islam. It is as simple as taking the quotes out of it’s intended context.

    If you want to play Judge, then be fair.!

  58. ISLAM is not a new religion. its what started from ADAM peace be upon him and completed at muhammad peace be upon him. thats why jaudism , christianity and islam has many common things. every one has right to choose his faith.

  59. Jakass-on, You'll know man. I assure you. You'll Know it. You have lied about the most wonderful peron in the world who wept at the death of a Jew. Who taught to stop the swords from slaining women and children and made the barbarians a nation who taught the world the many ethics that prevail today. But only those who seek the truth finds it; not the Jakasses.

  60. Well done Liam, If it is true! No doubt Islam is the religion for those who seek inner peace and know how to maintain the same outside…
    As for Jahanasson… You did good reading pal, but you forgot to copy paste the background of these verses. I suggest you to use your brain, study a little bit more that at what point this was said by Allah(GOD)… and then only you will know what's this all about. Whoever you are! Christian/Jew/Hindu or something else… May you get the truth and may you be in peace.

    • Inner Peace? What is the Muslim community doing to avert the atrocities happaning in their own Muslim communities? Shiite against Sunni, Al Quaida, Hezbola. I'll tell you..NOTHING! I'll tell you. The reason is that the majority of Muslims do not care, only 20% can speak arabic, and the Quran was not originally written in Arabic. Any one who wants to convert to any religion should first understand the relilgion, research the roots. Just because you find something intoxicating does not mean it is good fro you.

  61. Is this the spirit of allah talking and thinking this way, or just your own unclean mind and heart? Then again, allah does promise muslim men a giant whore house in the sky.

  62. If you have religion, then you have honor;if you have sound mind, then you have dignity; IF YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE, THEN YOU HAVE RESPECT. Otherwise, you are of equal footing with the donkeys.. one of the the signs of an ignorant person is that who talk much in that which doesn't concern him. Liam, whether he has reverted or not, has his own choice.. It's his free will. To mike, i kindly suggest that you should first do further readings with matters you intend to protest against publicly for you might look like a fool explaining things with ignorant mind.

    Brothers, who have commented on this guy's post, who have mentioned some words of disrespect….indeed, the highest level of forgiveness is to forgive when one is able to exact revenge (either physically or through words). You are defending Islam, yes, but remind yourself to not create the wrong image of a person who adheres to Islam.

  63. why don't you just respect one another. respect what the person believes in, believe in your God and I will believe in my God. If you can't say something good then I think you better shut up. How can a person find inner peace if she/he is full of hatred?if you wish to question a religion then the best way to find your answers is to read about that religion, don't say things that will create conflict because of your ignorance. Don't say that your religion is the best religion because God did not tell you that yours is better than them. do what you think is good for you, do not judge others and say bad things about them just because they don't think the way you do. Ya Rabb, may You shower us all with your infinite blessings, ameen

  64. Hey friend, before you start criticizing other people, criticize yourself first. don't get fooled 'bout what you see in the media. you talk as if you know the religion yourself. have you met all the Muslims in the world? if you don't believe in our religion, we'll respect that. but please do not say things that will offend other people or insult other religion. your words are highly offensive.

  65. i hope and pray to GOD that he really did convert to the religion. and i believe he has all the right to convert to any religion he's comfortable with.

  66. With all due respect dia, we Muslims do not worship our prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). we follow his teachings but do not worship him. we have only one GOD to worship, the Almighty Allah. i hope you do not mislead the other readers with your misconceptions about Islam.

  67. Yes, and when Isa (peace be upon him) "the son of god – Jesus Christ" you are claiming him to be, descends from heaven (as stated in the Holy Qur-an) it will be too late for you to REPENT! we Muslims do not call Christianity as darkness, why do you keep accusing Islam as false religion when you yourself are misguided with the truth?!

    Hadith of Abu Hurayrah in explanation of the verse 4/159 :
    Abu-Hurariah said that the prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said,
    "By him in whose hands my soul rests, surely Jesus, Son, of Mary will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind judiciously, by the law of the Quran, as an honest ruler. He will break the cross, kill the pigs and abolish jizya. Money will abound in such excess that no one will wish to accept it. A single prostration to Allah, in prayer, will be better that the whole world and all it contains."

    May the Almighty Allah bless and forgive us all.

  68. Since you never hesitate to call Islam a demonic cult, let me tell you something i know about your religion Mr. Joseph! Don't you know that the religion you are claiming to be the" true religion" was created by Satan to misguide you from knowing the truth? have you ever asked yourself why your bible has an old and new testament? why the contents of the book differs from the other? do not make a fool of yourself! stupidity won't do you any good. READ and LEARN!!

  69. muslims do not kill the christians like you think, you are wrong. you got it the wrong way. why do you thinkb we are terrorists? most of my friends are christians. and yes we do really believe in jesus. maybe you'all haters need to read more about islam and muslims. then you will find out how great it is. just dont go with insulting.

  70. You have a very biased view of Islam. Islam does not sanction killing of women, children or old people even during a war. The only war Muslims can fight is a defensive war. Tell me how many Christian countries have not committed unspeakable atrocities. We love and respect all prophets. However we do not believe in Trinity because we like Jesus believe in the One, Omnipotent God. All prophets were natural successors of each other with no contradiction in the message but brought new concepts according to the times and requirement of mankind. Regarding heaven Muslims do not believe in a physical paradise. The most frequent description in the Quran is gardens below which rivers flow. Sadly, the actions of some ignorant so called Muslims have tarnished the image of Islam. However I wouldn't judge Christians by the Ku Klux Klan.

  71. I pity your sick, perverted brain. I 'm guessing you're actually a paedophile or perhaps your dad is as you have such a warped mind. You'll find out in the afterlife that God wouldn't have created the Universe if He wasn't going to send the Prophet Muhammad. – It doesn't seem like there's much hope for you in this life.
    Aisha was 12 or older when she was married and the reason God wanted the Prophet to marry her was because she was extremely intelligent and was well known for teaching half of the religion to Muslims. No authentic book of Islam would write the filth you made up.

  72. What century do you live in? Moors?? Converting from Christianity to Islam is like leaving school for university. As Jesus succeeded Moses and fulfilled the Old Testament so Muhammad fulfilled the Blble and brought the final Universal Message. Read Deuteronomy 10:10 and the Song of Solomon. The Comforter and the owner of the vineyard mentioned in the Gospel refer to Muhammad. Pray that God opens your eyes to the Tuth.

  73. Hey don't call them white…there are Muslims that are white and some black but we don't need to judge people on their colour and 50% I agree with you but you know let the haters hate we know that they will get judged by Allah in the end.

  74. You p*****s who don't like Islam are the same. Lying two faced hypocritical people who molest little boys in churches then turn around and make up stories about how other people are molesting children. No proof to what you say yet we have millions of children's lives shattered due to your "superior morality" as proof of this. You live your lives pretending to be good hearted when the country with the most child abductions, rape murder and child molestation is your countries. I look forward to you burning in hell for an eternity. Have fun. Dont forget your sun tan. or your child porn. Thank Allah the true and only god that he guides people from all walks of life.

  75. MASHALLAH.IT WOULD BE LOVELY IF HE CONVERTED TO ISLAM.i can see him as a muslim.He has the qualities of a good muslim.Whatever faith he follows to me he is seen as a good man!

  76. Hy John I will just Pray for you that May Allah ALmighty Bless you LiKE LIAM NEESON and you feel from your inner part about the Beauty of ISLAM………AMEEN…..

  77. Well buddy I think you are completely false, and illiterate. Especially with the information that you are presenting, which you can clearly not back up

    • ISLAM is the only religion in the world which gives the concept of an Ideal life, society and relationships.

    • well, you think?
      ISLAM is the only peaceful religion and the thing which proves it is that we still respect other religions unlike you guys which observing this neeson is also coming towards islam!

  78. For all you people who thinks we are killing people, people please ._. What about the Muslims in Palestine 🙂 they are Muslims they're people too their country has been invaded by the Jews for a very long time and they've killed alot they kicked them out of their country … And yet you think we are terrorist and by the way not only Palestine there is also Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan innocent people are being killed and yet we are terrorist… 🙂 i guess the media have succeeded washing your brain

  79. May Allah have mercey upon you, may you be enlightened with the message that our beloved Prophet of Allah brought to this world, ontly then you would realize my brother what great sin you have commited. Dear friend i can only pray for you to be guided to the right path otherwise for sure your place is eternal hell and it is indeed a place where sinners and non believers will be sent to.

  80. I am a proud Muslim and i am so thankful to ALLAH almighty the lord of highs for this!!My beloved prophet MOHAMMAD (May peace be upon him) taught us that Prophet ESSA (Jesus) (may ALLAH shower his blessings on him) is respectful to you and you wont be considered Muslims unless you pay full regards and respect to him…so for us Prophet ESSA holds due respect.I have seen the initial two messages.Please what ever you portrayed is extremely wrong…You have completely falsified the translation and this has showed nothing but your illiteracy.So don't talk sham or what you are not having the knowledge of..i may have abused you dislodged you out of your senses but my Prophet MOHAMMAD (may peace be upon him) has stopped me to do such and asked me to pray that "May ALLAH grant you the knowledge and belief and bless you with peace and prosperity .As you know nothing " …

  81. take it or leave it, every-were in the earth there is a muslim, our border is each new muslim,we call for love & peace, in our community we take care of each others, we take care of our old men & old women we do not send them to infirmaries, in islamic states there is no old age hospital, so if you convert to islam you are a member of a big family, we do not promise you to be happy, but we will love you take care of you, die for you,in the same time we must respect all other religions

  82. Marshallah, people convert to Islam because they know islam is the truth!!! Unlike some in believers who talk garbage about Islam, the problem with people like them, they cant face the truth.

  83. Welcome to the fraternity if you really has converted to Islam. Subnallah, walhamdullillah, walaillahahillallah, wallahhuakbar.

  84. Before u say anything about islam try to get to know what is the real islam is..don't look to torrist people who sai I AM MUSLIM because they r not

  85. I love Liam Neeson as an actor…I also love Morgan Freeman…These two actors are my favorite male actors of all time…the way the talk, walk and act is in its class of its own. I truly hope he convert to Islam then we will become brothers in faith 🙂

  86. Liam Neeson lost his wife a couple of years ago, after she had a skiing accident. He is still grieving, which is why he is reading about God. He wants assurance he will see his wife again.
    To convert to Islam because the sound of the chants is pleasing and restful to him, is a huge mistake.

  87. Liam Neeson is the citizen of the United States, and according to the fundmental laws of USA " ALL CITIZENS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THEIR FAITH " so their is actually no point in discouraging him in taking his decision !!!

    and, if you have some time guys, spend some time reading the differences between TERRORISTS and ISLAM because Islam never promotes terrorism.

  88. Islam is very beautiful.. only if u lean about it with an open heart.. its very hard to ignore all the media, but once u do.. u will be fair to yourself.. even if dont like islam after that.. at least u decided .. no one put ideas in your head

  89. The problem with all faiths is man, man is the week link in all faiths. All religeon gets perverted because man uses religeon as a way to rationalize hate to others. Christianity is the only religeon that understands the flaws of man and heals the man's soul rather than asking toe man to work out the problems of his soul on his own. Man has done many great things but history shows that man's soul is eternally corrupt if left to his own means. Christianity is the only religeon that is the medicine to heal a broken soul. However all faith including Christianity is blasphemed by man's actions. Plenty of good and bad people claiming to be Christian, plenty of good and bad people claiming to be Islam, the full truth will only be revealed in the very end, until then its by faith. I pray that Liam listens to Christ again in the future because its what I have faith in being the only way. I pray for him and his family. I however am not about to admonish his religeous choices, its his free will.

  90. It is written in Islamic law that they may do to their women as they wish. Ask the women if they think this makes Islam wonderful to them, when they have eyes, nose, ears cut out, are raped against their will and then, as a punishment for being raped and bringing shame on the family, are stoned to death, or beheaded, or burned alive or bathed in lye. Give me the Lord Jesus Christ! He blessed women, He honored women, He was no respecter of persons, be they male or female. Where Islam beats and mutilates, Christ admonishes that we treat others the way we ourselves want to be treated. Where Islam says An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, Christ Jesus says, Love your enemy. Do good to those who despise you, for then you shall truly be a child of your Father who is in Heaven. Give me Christ. He was a friend to the friendless, the helper of the widow and orphan. It doesn;t take a rocket scientist to see that the fruits of Islam are dark and death and destruction, and the fruits of Christ Jesus the Lord – the Living God – are Life, and light and wealth. "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," says Christ. And His words and works bear that out. Peace and love to all – and if they are Muslim, peace and love to them as well. THIS is the Spirit of God – who loves all. Even women. And, as a woman, this is why I am a follower of Christ.

    • Your ignorance and misunderstanding of my Islamic faith is a shame. I can only feel bad for you. Instead of making things up about how us women are treated how about reading the book and actually seeing for yourself how Islam obligates men to treat women as their equal. and sorry to burst your bubble but we believe in Jesus son of Mary as well except he was never crucified.

    • And actually reading your comment further, "An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" comes from the BIBLE not QURAN! you my friend lack education. Do not talk about what you know not about.

    • As a follower of christ, please follow his teachings and don't LIE and speak about things you have no knowledge about. I am muslim and I am female, and I love my religion. For the simple reason that it is the truth. If you reasearched with the intention of finding the truth, you will be pleasantly surprised.
      May the Lord of Jesus guide you to the truth.

      Ps: I still have my nose, eyes and all body parts, in fact I have never been hit or abused, ever.:-)

  91. Seems like you like many others picked out verses which promote your argument. There are million others in the quran which talk about kindness to women and living in peace with non muslims. If you really wanted to know the truth about Islam you'd do more research – the verses in the above should not be read out of context and seem to have been maniplulated with your added comments. My advice is to research with an open mind what you're not sure of.

  92. what bothers some idiots if he became a muslim ? that means islam is like the heal of souls that what makes a lot of actors and other people to convert. if juesus is having god abilities .. would he let his followers to convert to evil religion ? Think !

  93. Lol people are really reading too much into what he said. He was being civil and complimenting Turkey as a gentleman. He said he always ponders spiritual matters and said looking at the mosques makes him "consider" being a Muslim, or in other words "wonder what it's like" lol. Or to say it like "these mosques are so beautiful it would make you consider being Muslim". I don't know if it's an Irish colloquial thing but to me this is very obvious and while I know the media love a good storm, this seems even more ott than usual haha.


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