WASHINGTON, DC – Whites are not reproducing and are dwindling in numbers. Officials have a solution – Hispanics are now white.

Even though whites in America are not replacing themselves with enough babies, their numbers in the latest census is growing by a large percentage.  How can that be?

Because Hispanics are now officially (according to the U.S. government) – white!

The Obama Administration released this statement:  “‘Hispanic’ is an ethnicity, not a race. While the U.S. government first made this distinction in 1980, many Latinos continued to use the “some other race” box to establish a Hispanic identity.  So on the 2010 census forms we specifically instructed Latinos that Hispanic origins are not races and to select a recognized category such as white or black.”

So Hispanics are now forced to decide between white or black.

Many are choosing “white.”

To go further, the Obama Administration says that it is hard to truly define what “white” is.  “There are many shades of white, and there are many shades of black. And there are grays and that makes it hard to say if someone is really “white” or not,” Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, reportedly said.

Some Italian-Americans checked the “black” box on the 2010 census. “I’m darker than Obama.  I think that qualifies me as black,” said Big Jimmy Forsatella of Bayonne.

Meanwhile, Asians are also checking “white”  box.   Native Americans are checking the “black” box.  “There is no yellow or green or  purple skin pigment,” Jay Carney reportedly told reporters.  “White is not white.  And black is not black.”

Carney went to say that even declaring yourself as “white” or “black” can be discriminatory.  SO, the Obama Administration said that it will now be up to the individual to declare if they are “white” or “black”.     “Skin color is only one way to tell if you are black or white,” said Vice President Joe Biden.  “You could be white on the outside and black on the  inside.  Or black on the outside and white on the inside.”

Biden then declared that he considers himself “black.”

So, there you go.  Black and white is no longer black and white.  And, officially now, all Hispanics are white!!

Ay caramba!

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  1. The so-called "Hispanics" are actually an ethnicity. They are a mix of Caucasian and Native American. This is not a race. A Native American who is paired with a Caucasian and has a daughter .. she is not a new race. What about you? What is your IQ?

    • You sure about that comment? You sure you want to go there? You really believe that most of the people in Mexico originated from Caucasians and Native Americans?

    • Well, if Mexico is in the Americas and the Spanish, who are a mixture of Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negroid, interbred with the Natives, when they conquered Mexico, the resulting offspring would have originated at least partly from Caucasians and Native Americans. Makes sense!

    • In Mexico and all throughout Latin America and the Caribbean they are also Black. Attempts to hide this fact is due to the fear among Hispanics or Latinos that to admit that would have them defined as Black. In fact their were more African slaves brought to Brazil followed by Mexico then to the United States of America

    • laflor,you are mistaken ,not all Hispanics are mixed,some are white (Alexis Bledel),some are Black (tego Calderon),some are Asian (Alberto Fujimore),some are Amerindian (Evo Morales) and some are the mixture of all those races (mestizos,mulattos, zambos etc).Also,there are other groups (not races) within the Hispanic community, such as Arabs (Shakira) and Jews (Mario Kreutzberger),IN OTHER WORDS,HISPANIC IS NOT A RACE BUT A CULTURE,.IT IS ABOUT TIME AMERICANS CORRECT THAT MISTAKE !!!

  2. Hey Frank – maybe we can put color boxes on the form ranging from scary white like me – I'm Irish – to darker tones of white and do the same thing for black. I hear that they already do this in the Marin County, California. People can hold their hand up to a color box just match it up.

    • Miss Pio Pico,

      Thank you for the information about Marin County. We are looking into it. It seems to be a brilliant solution: Hold your hand up to a machine and it will tell you if you are white or black. That could work very well.

      WWN also found out that they are breaking down the White category regionally. Montana Whites will be different than Mississippi Whites or Chicago Whites or Jersey Whites. Irish, like you, will be categorized as White-White (or slangly as Ghost White). White-Whites will be able to get affirmative action status.

      It's all changing rapidly, but WWN is on it. And we appreciate the help of Miss Pio Pico!

      Frank Lake
      Senior Editor, WWN

  3. Well if anyone in the U.S. had a nut sack we wouldn't have experienced an invasion where we allowed another country to overwhelm us with people then bankrupt us.

    • Hispanic is an ethnicity. Cuban and Mexican are nationalities. And yes, Hispanics cubans and mexicans can be white if their European geneology surpasses that of their native geneology. In other words if a hispanic looks white in appearance then he would check white. Race supercedes ethnicity or nationality….fool!

    • Not according to the Zimmerman trial. Hispanic is white. Is that screwed up??? Now the NAACP wants to open another trial on racial profiling yet it was OK for Travon and his girl friend to use white racial slurs. When the Attorney asked Travon's girl friend on the stand if she thought "cracker" was a racial name she said no. Yet she and Travon were racially profiling Zimmerman but according to them that was OK. Zimmerman not once used any racial slurs. He was only describing a possible suspect to the dispatch. He said "I THINK he is black". He was not sure. He also used "punk". Are those racial slurs??? So back and punk is racial but cracker is NOT??? I would be offended if someone called me cracker.

    • Spaniards are no matter Caucasian and they would cut your nuts off and then burn ya if they heard ya say that because race is unity of all groups from similar genetics and ethnicity as Hispanic is not race at all, but culture raising and tradition. Some people can be prejudice but you have to be prejudice towards what's what, not just oh hispanic because being raised in it, can't say that they are not and such. It makes all your living and your ideals wrong. Also, people judge me as such with being Italian a bit, or even English, or my Mexican as those ethnicities and made me Mexican. First I have been raised out of hispanic and Mexican my whole life, second, Amerindian I accept but never the mexican nationality because they are not my culture, people, or anything similar to me, third, raised Caucasian my whole life and fourth, race is not a prejudicism game, but a judgement. Anyhow, if anyone puts down my mother which raised me opposite and is completely opposite, my other ethinicities that value more than the tad bit of stuff (e.g. 75 Italian 25 English), and my English and American ethnicity, I would cut their nuts off or chew their ear off until it bleed.

    • Also, you are hypocritizing too seriously because some of the things as dinosaurs, Navy, Neurology, and other things are influenced to you today because of Hispanics or Latinos.

  4. who cares! in my experience with latino people, the women hate black women but love the black penis! in other words they have a problem with a black man's sister, Aunt, even a black momma! i heard some situations where they have tried to act like they didnt understand english, but she understood the black english penis! go figure! the men are rapist, they're abusive with machismo attitudes! the white race can have them! they dont mean an African American any good except to get what they need, especially the latina. I stay away from them cause they lie to survive then act like they cant speak english! good riddens.

  5. Zimmerman is Hispanic so now he is WHITE???? Half Hispanic and half white = white. Half black and half white = WHITE?? OBAMA then is WHITE. So the conclusion is if you have ANY white in you YOU ARE WHITE and it if OK to HATE on you. If you have half WHITE in you YOU ARE SCREWED! Just something to think about in case you want to make it a black and white issue. It is now OK to hate on WHITE. And OK to use racial white slurrs as used in the Zimmerman trail. VERY INTERESTING! Has our society gotten so blind?? That HATE IS OK ON OTHER RACES.


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