NEW YORK, NY –  The NYPD has issued a mandatory order:  women wearing skirts will be fined!

Don’t wear short skirts — you could get raped.  Wear a short skirt and you will  be fined.  That’s the new directive from the NYPD and an executive order from Mayor Bloomberg has put it into effective – immediately.

The New York Police Department is giving women in Brooklyn two days to get rid of their short skits.  This follows a slew of unsolved sexual attacks in the past few months.

The NYPD first issued warnings to women:  “wear short skirts and you may be attacked.”  But many women did not heed the warning.

“We have to take the warning to then next level, so we can protect the women of Brooklyn,” said a source close to Mayor Bloomberg.  “Women kept wearing skirts, so now we have to make it the law not to.”

The new law is e being met with outrage, with residents saying police should be focusing on catching the suspects, not criticizing women for what they choose to wear.

One South Park Slope resident told WWN about an encounter she had with an NYPD officer this past week:

Sally, a ParkSlope resident, was walking home three blocks from the gym on Monday when she was stopped. The 25-year-old, who did not want her last name to be used, was wearing shorts and a T-shirt when she claims a police officer stopped her, gave her a $200 fine and told her to “go home and change.”  He also stopped two other women wearing dresses – fining them and ordering them home to “put something less revealing on.”

Officers are routinely stopping women and saying things like:

— “Don’t you think your shorts are a little short?’”

— “You’re showing too much leg.”

— “Ma’am.  I’m sorry, but skirts must be at least knee-length.”

— “Would your mother be happy with what you’re wearing?”

— “You’re showing too much skin.”

The NYPD is being flooded with calls and complaints.  But Mayor Bloomberg refuses to budge and, according to sources in New York, he says he vows to stop rapes by getting women to dress more modestly.

This would clearly be unacceptable:

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  1. Actually, I agree with the mayor, due to all the kids that have been FLASHED by women in miniskirts!
    Yep, it happens, and that is why some children grow up to become sexual deviants!


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