WASHINGTON, DC – Michael Moore said that his next documentary will prove that Jesus was gay.

Speaking at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Friday, Michael Moore, told the audience that he is  working hard on his next documentary, currently entitled – “Jesus Was Gay.”

“I know more about religion than anybody on the planet, including the Pope,” the filmmaker, wearing his trademark trucker cap, told an auditorium comprised of a few hundred students, faculty and news media.

The liberal filmmaker was invited to the Catholic school to discuss his book, “Here Comes Trouble.” But he also spoke at length about health care, young voters’ disenchantment with President Barack Obama and the need for the wealthy to pay higher taxes. He said affluent Americans “seemed happy” when their income was taxed at a higher rate (“60 and 70 percent”).

Moore, who was raised Catholic, used Christian themes throughout his speech.  He then made his surprising comment:

“You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with?” he said to laughter. “You know what that means.” He went to explain that it wasn’t a joke and that he has done extensive documentary research and talked to people that have examined artifacts that prove Jesus was gay.  Moore even talked about Jesus loving musicals.  “He was a real song-and-dance man,” Moore  said.

Moore made a few more provocative comments during the question-and-answer portion of his talk. When asked by a student, if Moore himself was gay, Moore shouted back.  “Hell no!!”  He later clarified his statement, saying he would like to be gay, but no  gay man would have him because he is a big, fat slob.

Another student asked about the 2004 documentary, “Michael Moore Hates America” and why Moore declined to participate in it. Moore said he doesn‘t hate America and those who disagree with his political views don’t either.

“I assume Republicans love this country. I start with that assumption,” he said.

Moore said his “Jesus Was Gay” documentary will be out in time for Christmas this year.  “It’s my gift to Christians.” Moore said.

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45 thoughts on “MICHAEL MOORE: “JESUS WAS GAY””

  1. One who hates God (as Mr. Moore clearly does) has no connection with the truth. Mr Moore is in eternal danger of being eternally separated from God and that is, he is choosing Hell.

    • This was a joke. More then likely lifted from Toshiba or Comcast. Have you even seen the rest of the site?

    • "One who hates God (as Mr. Moore clearly does)": Sorry, you have zero proof. In any case, his relationship with God is between himself and God—it has absolutely nothing to do with us.

      "One who hates God has no connection with the truth.": And far too many of those who profess to love God are irredeemable liars and criminals—what is your point? I do not know anyone who hates God, but I suspect their incidence of truth and falsehood is the same as that of the general population.

      "Mr Moore is in eternal danger of being eternally separated from God and that is, he is choosing Hell.": Again, you have zero proof. Again, even were it true, this would be none of OUR business!

      Instead of reciting talking points illustrating your abysmal ignorance, just enjoy the humor!

      BTW: Much of what Mister Moore says, in Real Life, is true. Thus, your arguments fall even flatter than you intended. Perhaps you should study someone before blindly criticizing him! There is much information available, on Mister Moore—try <a href="http://www.google.com,” target=”_blank”>www.google.com, for starters.

  2. Some people posting here seem to have reality-detector problems. This piece is humor—duh!

    Even so: The fact that this article, and many others, describes events in a most non-accurate manner should indicate there is a certain point of view—such as that of the Onion—in play. While this particular article sounds like something from the False News Channel, other articles here do not.

    Thus, one can assume the errors in the message ARE the message, with humor being the motivation behind them. Check out "Bad Reporter" at http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-09-23/comics/3019… for fun. Also, Mad Magazine.

  3. Michael Moore is the obese, unattractive Hollywood weirdo that he is. My anger is with Georgetown, a prestigious Catholic university, inviting this disgusting thing to lecture there. Almost as bad as President Jenkins inviting Obama to receive honors at Notre Dame! Leave it to the Jesuits. Most of these educators are more of a problem to Catholic youth than Moore.

  4. Michael Moore, Knows more than anyone on the planet about religion. I guess he missed the whole thing about heresy. Michael needs to have another hamburger with everything but stupid sauce. I think he's had way to much of that in the past.

    What is a Catholic university thinking to let this heretic through it's doors…..amazing.

  5. Moore is right, but his comments about Christ being gay will alienate him from Christianity, though, ironically, so will everything else he says that lines up with the words of Christ – that too many Christians are ignoring. He needs to forget the gay thing and continue his quest.

  6. I dare him to say Mohammed was gay. He'll have to run and hide maybe somewhere with no hamburgers with "stupid sauce".

    • Mohammed wasn't gay – he liked young girls. Very young girls. You guys really need to get over your obsession with bronze age men – oh and develop a sense of humour while you're at it. The story was a joke.

      Mind you There is quite a strong likelihood that Jesus was gay since being single at his age was not socially acceptable at the time. Maybe that was why he was such a nice sensitive fellow 😉

  7. The jesuits at Georgetown see this clown as enriching young minds I suppose. Why anyone would send their child to such a school is a mystery.

  8. So he knows more about religion than anyone? And being Catholic and speaking at a Catholic college are supposed to make him the voice for Christians? First, being a Catholic and being a Christian are two totally different things–Catholicism has nothing whatever to do with Christianity. Christianity is a lifestyle, not a religion. And Catholicism is nothing more than a manmade religion steeped in idol worship, popery, trappings of Judaism, etc. And as for Jesus being gay, pleeeeese!! Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God the Son, perfect in all his doings and character, the Savior of the world. Why anyone would even give this man air time is beyond me. He has absolutely nothing to say worth listening to or reading.

    • The following are outright lies:

      "Jesus was gay"


      "And Catholicism is nothing more than a manmade religion steeped in idol worship, popery, trappings of Judaism, etc"

    • You are soooo misinformed. Christianity and Catholicism are one and the same. What is NOT fully Christian is the manmade heresy of Protestantism/Evangelicalism.

    • Catholics are Christians! "To be deep in history is to be Catholic," said Cardinal Newman. His own research into history led him to join the Catholic Church. I suggest you start reading the early church fathers: Irenaeus of Lyons, Ignatius of Antioch, etc. If you go seeking for the Truth, you will find Him!

    • Dear Cherryann,
      If you would investigate early Christianity you might be very surprised to find out that Catholic & Christian are interchangable. The early Church is the Catholic Church. Their beliefs and worship is 100% Catholic.

      It was Catholic bishops along with popes that were given the authority to prayerfully discern which books were inspired and considered worthy to be the canon of sacred scripture. You would not have a bible if it were not for the Catholic Church. But I do agree that moore has nothing worth hearing, no doubt the guy needs an education in history as well as morality.

  9. moore is catholic? georgetown catholic?..please….moore is a disgusting self hating fat slob who needs to vent..georgetown will make fatso a professor now…i say this with all earnest may you rot in hell you and the filth thats runs that s%&# hole georgetown…..

  10. Are people really getting this upset over a silly statement? Is poking fun at religion that taboo? We can man make fun of others for liking certain sport teams or different TV shows. I think religion should be put out their like everything else. Dogmatic beliefs deserve just as much ridicule as does anything else.

    • He isn't making innocent fun, he wants to poison young empress able minds for the next generation,on a quest to make christianity forbidden in the future>He knows only the young with no life experience, are naive enough to accept this Truck load of horse Crap!! He might pick up a few psyco's too!! Liberals: A person so opened minded their brains have fell out their head!!LOL

  11. You guys know that this is a joke article, right? You know, the Weekly World News, the tabloid that is basically a parody of wild tabloids?

    Moore didn't actually say these things, IT'S A JOKE!

    I can see that we're not dealing with the sharpest people here.

  12. M. Moore is a pervasive,festering boil on the a** of the good people of this country,He will be in front of the great judge one day to speak about his transgressions. Hollywood changes an gets their views on it's trendy Bull***t. They are so out of touch with real people.Unfortunitly there is a mindlees heard with no life,who follows their crap blindly!!! People need to think for themselves,I know this is radical thought,not to wait on Idiots like Moore to do it for them!!LOL

  13. Michael Moore doesn't give a cr** about gay people, whether or not Jesus was gay, or for that matter, anything… Except himself… and what money can be made by saying things that offend people he doesn't like… How do you defend that?

    • I totally agree. It seems Michael Moore's star status is fading fast and what better way to bounce back into the limelight with this nonsensical and highly blasphemous statement. I am a Catholic and am sure that I'm one of many who will defend their faith to the very end. Just to humour Michael Moore's statement, if Jesus was gay, why then would he preach so ardently against Homosexuality? There's no rocket science there!

  14. And why does it seem that Christians are always expected to be understanding in the face of blatant hatred and disrespect? Seems to me that if he made hateful statements, even jokingly, about black people in front of the NAACP, or anti Semitic jokes in front of a gathering of Jewish people, or even made the SAME joke about Muhammad in front of a Muslim organization…the left would have crucified him… If he survived the rest of the speech..

  15. Jesus WAS gay. It's true. No wife, no children, crucified for being pedophile. Yes, Mohamed was also pedophile, according to today's viewpoint, but no gay.

  16. All delusional.There is not a single fact to prove jesu's existence. It is all hearsay and scholars have not and never will find evidence to dispute the facts.

  17. I have always believed the man worshipped a Christ was gay. Jesus was cleary less judgemental than his followers and eas a man of peace. Does being gay make him bad ? It just means he was gay.


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