WASHINGTON, DC – Michael Moore said that his next documentary will prove that Jesus was gay.

Speaking at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Friday, Michael Moore, told the audience that he is  working hard on his next documentary, currently entitled – “Jesus Was Gay.”

“I know more about religion than anybody on the planet, including the Pope,” the filmmaker, wearing his trademark trucker cap, told an auditorium comprised of a few hundred students, faculty and news media.

The liberal filmmaker was invited to the Catholic school to discuss his book, “Here Comes Trouble.” But he also spoke at length about health care, young voters’ disenchantment with President Barack Obama and the need for the wealthy to pay higher taxes. He said affluent Americans “seemed happy” when their income was taxed at a higher rate (“60 and 70 percent”).

Moore, who was raised Catholic, used Christian themes throughout his speech.  He then made his surprising comment:

“You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with?” he said to laughter. “You know what that means.” He went to explain that it wasn’t a joke and that he has done extensive documentary research and talked to people that have examined artifacts that prove Jesus was gay.  Moore even talked about Jesus loving musicals.  “He was a real song-and-dance man,” Moore  said.

Moore made a few more provocative comments during the question-and-answer portion of his talk. When asked by a student, if Moore himself was gay, Moore shouted back.  “Hell no!!”  He later clarified his statement, saying he would like to be gay, but no  gay man would have him because he is a big, fat slob.

Another student asked about the 2004 documentary, “Michael Moore Hates America” and why Moore declined to participate in it. Moore said he doesn‘t hate America and those who disagree with his political views don’t either.

“I assume Republicans love this country. I start with that assumption,” he said.

Moore said his “Jesus Was Gay” documentary will be out in time for Christmas this year.  “It’s my gift to Christians.” Moore said.

49 thoughts on “MICHAEL MOORE: “JESUS WAS GAY””

  1. All delusional.There is not a single fact to prove jesu's existence. It is all hearsay and scholars have not and never will find evidence to dispute the facts.

  2. I have always believed the man worshipped a Christ was gay. Jesus was cleary less judgemental than his followers and eas a man of peace. Does being gay make him bad ? It just means he was gay.


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