SHANGHAI – A gigantic ball of light appeared over two major Chinese cities.  NASA has confirmed it to be an alien spaceship.
The ongoing alien invasion continues.
On the night of August 20th, numerous people and pilots in both Beijing and Shanghai reported seeing a strange ball of light that grew bigger and bigger over the cities’ skies.
The sighting  has created a stir on Chinese web sites, and it has been dubbed “The Super UFO.”

Several pilots were mid-air at the time and reported seeing a huge white ball flying at an altitude of 25,000 feet.  One pilot, Donald Kee of Dragon Air, said it seemed to be a hundred times larger than the moon. The phenomenon was visible for 20 minutes and was reported to the East China Air Traffic Control Bureau. As usual, no official explanation for this sighting has been given by the Chinese Government.

However, NASA evaluated the data and sent it over to the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  Dr. John Malley was still in Nepal examining evidence of the alien base, but Dr. Dani Montano of the U.N. Panel spoke to WWN.
“The Chinese believe that a Super UFO will appear in 2012 and that will signify the end of the world, so there is a segment of the Chinese population that is panicked about this sighting.  But, we have confirmed that the sighting was just another spaceship from Planet Gootan, a spaceship  that we have seen coming in an out of the Himalayas before.  It’s not the end of the world, it’s simply part of the alien invasion.  The Gootans are peaceful.”
This fact does not calm the Chinese citizens that saw the Super UFO.  “I’m terrified, what does this mean?  2012 must be the end. It must,” said a panicked, Eva Ho, in Shanghai.  It’s a sentiment shared by many Chinese.  The Chinese government refuses to acknowledge the Super UFO and will not discuss anything about it – not even the reaction of Chinese citizens.
The Super UFO was also spotted over Wuhan City and Xiamen.

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  1. What a crock – such bad journalism…who at Nasa confirmed it as an alien spaceship to start with, let alone all the drivel about invasion? I am so over crap writing about this subject. You give serious ufo researchers a really bad name! Shame on you.

  2. How many times did estraterrestrials interact with Emperors of China, all secretly?
    Where did China's superiority of the techincal energies bearing in faith and various works came from, unlike the cowardly image idle pride games that Westerners practice every second of the day from long ago and so on?
    All I say here is possible if you take the time – the anti-publicity on aliens from abroad earth!
    – Please, just do not draw a crowd to talk too much about this – Fnd out why you shouldn't!

  3. If any of you actually believe in this shit, I hope you get space-prodded. Statistically alien life does exist….somewhere. As in not here, and definitely not publicly you fools! Xixu? Planet Gootan? I can't believe I even had to write that just now! I can't tell if this journo has emotional problems and requires attention, negative or otherwise , or if he's screwing with a bunch of people who have that problem. Honestly. Please learn at least the basic concepts of astronomy before you claim that organic life forms made it here in a private vessel. IMPOSSIBLE. Literally. Has anyone ever heard of a particle accelerator? Why does everyone still think that traveling at even half the speed of light will ever be.possible? Physics people. Honestly.

  4. there ougt to be an international law Forbiden the report of any spaceship with aliens.. Because it is physically and theoretically impossible for alien creatures to come to earth. A spaceship without any living creatures to arrive on earth is possible.


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