WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama called a “Peas Summit” to reignite the debt ceiling talks.
On a Senate Floor Speech on Public Debt President Obama told his “Republican friends” that it is “time to eat our peas and pass debt deal.”
To that end, the President is inviting Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Vice President Joe Biden and House Budget Committee Chairman to the White House for a “Pea Summit.”
“I want us to sit down and eat our peas together.”  The President feels that a symbolic “eating of the peas” will help bring the two sides together and “get it down.”  Michelle Obama was quick to point out that “eating peas” will help control obesity in the lawmakers.  She will be serving the peas to the guests.
“Pea soup, pea-pea platter and pea pie are on the menu,” the First Lady said.
John Boehner isn’t happy about eating his peas:

President Obama is still seeking the largest deficit reduction deal possible as part of a package deal to raise the debt ceiling.
“I continue to push congressional leaders for the largest possible deal,” he said from the White House. “It is possible for us to construct a package that would be balanced, would share sacrifice [and] would involve both parties taking on their sacred cows.”
“We are going to get this done by August 2,” he said.  “We will eat our peas.”

The president and his economic team have repeatedly warned of catastrophic consequences for the U.S. and global economy if Congress does not increase the debt ceiling — the amount of money that the U.S. government is technically allowed to borrow — by August 2. Republicans have insisted on creating a deficit and debt reduction plan as a condition of voting to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.
“I’ve been hearing from my Republican friends for some time it is a moral imperative to tackle our debt and deficits in a serious way,” Mr. Obama said. “What I’ve said to them is, let’s go.”
The President said that he will also gives his guests at the Pea Summit a band-aid and together they will rip their band-aids off in a symbolic gesture of “getting it done.”
“We will rip out band-aids off, then we will eat our peas,” the President told reporters.  “We will burn a candle at both ends, keep the ball rolling and if I have to I’ll put a sock in it.  I want this done.”
White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, said the President is prepared to eat peas “until the cows come home.”
The “Eat Your Peas” Summit will happen in the Rose Garden of the White House on Friday July 16th at 4pm – Pea Time.

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