At her concert in Vancouver, Lady Gaga accidentally shot off her gun bra backstage.
The popstar donned the outfit, consisting of two assault rifles strapped to each cup, during her concert in Vancouver, Canada. She had gun experts on both sides of the stage to ensure that nobody would get hurt. But when she went backstage, she accidentally tripped and fired a hundred rounds.


Luckily, the only thing she hit was her meat dress, which was shredded to pieces.


The pop star was shaken up and vowed never to wear assault weapons on her breasts again.


But even before she shot up her meat dress, critics were suggesting that her assault weapon bra was insensitive and in poor taste after 20 children and six adults were killed in a horrific massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook primary school on December 14 last year.
“I suppose when you haven’t enough talent to keep people’s attention, you get a gun bra,” said ReggieP on Twitter.


A national debate on gun control is continuing to be played out in the US while the popstar flaunted her weapons during the North American leg of her Born This Way Ball tour.
Gaga has so far made no comment on her “gun rack” or the accidental shooting of her meat dress.


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10 thoughts on “LADY GAGA SHOOTS HER GUN BRA!”

  1. I wish these "journalists" would do research before they wrote these stupid "articles". She's had a gun bra since the "Alejandro" video came out, like two years ago, and she's been wearing this one since the start of her tour, in April, of last year. Her tour has been all over the world and she's just now starting the North American leg of it. This isn't some new item that she installed recently. She did, however, remove a section of her show where she fired a fake gun in light of recent events. What happened is horrible but the world still turns and she shouldn't have to change her show too much because of it. This is coming from a non fan and someone that lost a little cousin in the Sandy Hook shooting. Pretending guns don't exist won't bring my cousin back and it won't fix my aunt's broken heart.


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