CHICAGO – Every state is reporting massive voter fraud in today’s midterm elections.

Election officials in every state are reporting increased voter fraud – both in the ballots already cast and with the voting machines that are being used today.

Nevada is a state that seems to be completely unraveling on election day.  “Harry Reid’s name is already checked on over half of the machines that have been sent to polling places,” said Las Vegas reporter Greg Hartman.   “Early ballots have been cast from over 10,000 dead people and many union members have voted twice already.  It’s out of control!”

Attorney General, Eric Holder, does not seemed concerned about Nevada, or any of the other blue states.  “We are going to put together a task force in December to look into whether or not we should investigate the reports of voter fraud.  We hope to have a decision about this matter by January of 2012.”

Meanwhile, both parties seem to be “getting out the voter fraud” for today’s election.  Here are some reports from the states:

ALASKA:   Lisa Murkowski and her campaign staff spent the weekend filing out over 20,000 write-in ballots to hand out to voters BEFORE they go into the voting booth.  Murkowski’s brother-in-law, Todd Bench, is the leader of the union that will be in charge of moving voting machines around the state.   Republican senate candidate, Joe Miller, is not happy.

WASHINGTON –  State officials are going to allow Canadian citizens to cross the border – as long as they vote for incumbent Patty Murray (D) for Senate.

CALIFORNIA – Illegal aliens from every country will be allowed to vote.  There are reports that large numbers of foreign nationals are flying into LAX today so that they can vote for Jerry Brown, who has promised to put California up for sale to the highest bidder.  Brown wants to finalize the sale of California to China.

NEW YORK –  District Attorney Andrew Cuomo has hired several Brooklyn “families” to monitor the polling stations across the state.  “Mr. Cuomo is concerned that people might make the mistake of voting for Carl Paladino, who is clearly mentally deficient.  He intends to make sure that voters make the right choice,” said Cuomo campaign spokesman, Tom Hillstrom.

DELAWARE – Chris Coons is having his campaign staff hand out naked pictures of Christine O’Donnell, pictures that he obtained from an anonymous 25-year-old Philadelphian.

TENNESSEE  – Tea Party activists plan on blocking the polling places and stepping on anyone’s head who tries to get past them and vote for a Democrat.

WEST VIRGINIA –  A new law requires that shots of alcohol “must be ” consumed BEFORE a voter enters the booth.

MASSACHUSETTS –  The Service Employees International Union will be sending several busloads of workers to Barney Frank’s district to make sure that the voting machines are working properly.

FLORIDA – President Bill Clinton is going to be working with Governor Charlie Crist to ensure that all the ballots in Florida are counted correctly.   President Clinton will be examining many of the ballots, and hanging chads, personally.

COLORADO – Dead people are allowed to vote in Denver.

ILLINOIS – Mayor Daley and Rahm Emanuel have authorized the Illinois Board of Elections to turn over all control of all the voting machines to Mayor Daley and Rahm Emanuel.   Emanuel said, “there’s an important mayoral race coming up in the next few months and we want to make sure all these machines are working properly.”

OHIO – The Election has been canceled tomorrow.   Governor Strickland has been declared the winner.

That’s just a sampling… more to come tomorrow!!

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  1. barney frank is such a degenerate slime he slithers his way into congress 17 times in a row, then again massachussetts had a killer in the senate since 1962, seems they only depart their seats horizontally.


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