GERMANY –  A giant sinkhole under a residential street opened up on Monday in central Germany.  

The landslide happened in Schmalkalden, in central Germany on Monday November 1st.   Residents were evacuated from 23 buildings.  Nobody was injured.  But now there’s a gigantic sinkhole in the middle of the neighborhood.

The cause of the landslide is yet unclear.   But German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, told reporters today that she thinks it was caused by Gypsies that had been roaming around in the area over the weekend.

An aerial view shows a giant landslide under a street taking a car with it and leaving another car hanging over the edge.  Inside the car, there were seven clowns and a two jugglers.   German authorities think that local Gypsies thought that the circus performers were taking away some of their “business.”

The crater measures  30 by 40 meters, which is the exact measurements of a typical Gypsy compound.   Recently, Merkel had announced to German citizens that “multiculturalism” had failed and was urging all Germans to unite in a love for Germany.

But the Roma Gypsies do not want to embrace German culture.   They want to live in Germany and keep their traditions and cultures.  “Why should we act like Germans, we don’t like Germans… unless they give us money, then we like them very much.”

Authorities are worried that other sinkholes may open up in other parts Schmalkalden.  “Sometimes after a big sinkhole like this opens up, there are many other baby sinkholes that occur in the days and weeks to follow.   We don’t want a sinkhole epidemic to start, so we are evacuating all the citizens of the town.”

Wow.  That’s a big German hole.

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  3. Current european news obviously doesn't reach the ears of the americans who actually reside here. Gypsies underground!!!! – can't believe that someone would think this article sincere. It's vulgar and far from pc but sincere it is not. "Underground" – a film – croatian director … check it out.

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