EL PASO – A UFO was spotted over El Paso last night.    The same UFO that was over New York last week!

Federal authorities have confirmed that a UFO was hovering over El Paso last night.  Authorities believe it is the same UFO that was over New York City last week.

WWN reported last week that the “mysterious lights” that were over New York City on October 14th belong to a UFO,  which was confirmed by the Defense Department.  “We don’t regularly release this information to the public,” said Defense Secretary Robert Gates who went on to say, “I do believe that the alien invasion is underway.  There is overwhelming evidence now.”

Here’s a comparison.  The picture on the left was taken of the UFO that hovered over New York last week.  The picture on the right was the UFO seen over El Paso last night.  You think it’s the same UFO?

Last night a number of witnesses in El Paso  area called local police stations and newsrooms to report the UFOs that mysteriously appeared in the sky over the southern state.

Many reported a light appearing, which split into three ‘orbs’, each with a tail behind it. A fourth light appeared briefly, before all the lights were suddenly extinguished.

“It was definitely a UFO.  I know an alien when I see one, ” said Toby Blake of El Paso.  “I knew something was going on because the cows ran for the barn.  They were scared.  And you know something, we was scared, too.  The whole damn town was scared!”

The lights, which were captured on video,  were reported to the Federal Aviation Administration.  The FAA confirmed that the lights belonged to an alien spaceship – though they later denied it.

“We thought we shot the UFO down over the Atlantic last week.”   said a Navy pilot.  The Navy confirmed the take down, but the UFO is back.   “It looks like the same UFO, but it may just be part of an Alien Spaceship Battalion,” said John Comito, Director of the FAA.

Here’s an incomplete  news report about the EL Paso UFO:


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27 thoughts on “UFO OVER EL PASO”

  1. People kill me with their primative thinking ((HOAX)) hahahaha YOU shall know the TRUTH and The TRUTH Shall set you FREE! Keep thinking its a HOAX.. wait till you see the whole fleet of Baby Planes…Don't be scared Frank !

  2. My guess – something shot up in the air (think model rocket), reaches peak height and then these "things" released with parachutes that open after they descend so far. This clip doesn't show whatever was launched – only what happened after it reached its peak height and did its thing. I lean toward this being some sort of a stunt. Just my thoughts….

  3. A press group this big couldnt put something into the web like this. Its illegal because its considered libel. Freedom of press has its limits sweeties. Don't be a retarded skeptic. Learn your stuff first. Idiot.

  4. This article is fake. Defense Secretary Robert Gates never said that. I checked all over the web and couldnt find anything. I want the UFO to be real but this article doesnt support what I want!

  5. ok people, this website is all about producing FAKE news stories to make you LAUGH. NOTHING on this site is real- they even have a warning message telling you so.
    P.S. its an anagram

  6. and its a covor up for wat??? i mean nothing was destroyed! and there is nothing to covor up! and how can u believe wat the govornment has said when they havent said anything bout it really themselfs?!?!?!?

  7. Im from El Paso when this happened. This is not fake. This is exactly how the news reported happened. But … the part where Weekly News Stated…"“It was definitely a UFO. I know an alien when I see one, ” said Toby Blake of El Paso. “I knew something was going on because the cows ran for the barn. They were scared. And you know something, we was scared, too. The whole damn town was scared!”… makes el paso sound like farm and ranch country. Not really like that at all. Its a pretty big city with a huge army base inside it. Earlier in the day when this happened there was an air show going on. I just know it was a strange sight to see and cant explain it at all.

  8. Talves es alguien que esta mandando vijilar a estados unidos por medio de objetos boladores pero no son aviones. cada quien tiene su historia pero yo creo que ya es tiempo de una guerra . esta sercas nuestro final

  9. i'm a fire support specialist stationed at fort bliss in el paso and we have been doing illumination missions using artillery and i do say these pictures look exactly like our illumination rounds

  10. Hey there,

    I do agree with Nosmo on the issue of picture quality.

    I'm not blaming anyone for this but I find it very strange how all photos of UFOs and other strange objects (think of the photos of the so called bases on the moon and faces and buildings on Mars) always are either blurred, low definition or just plain poor.

    The thing that I find particularly puzzling is that this happens even if NASA is taking them. They'll show beautiful images of Mars, the moon or Earth. They show us excellent photos of craters on the moon and rock ridges on Mars. Yet, when they show an image that appears to contain something highly interesting… the quality always seems so low that one cannot make out any real detail. I think we all have to ask ourselves… now, why is that?

    • I completely agree with you. How come NASA can photograph craters on the moon with great detail, but for some reason they don't use that same high powered equipment to photograph a UFO that's been sitting up in the sky for 45 minutes?!! My guess is that our government does record every single UFO that catches their radar. They probably have endless video on top of high quality pictures of all kinds of UFOs …but they'll never let us know about it.

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