SACRAMENTO – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Chinese leaders today.  They want to buy California.

California is going bankrupt and according to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger there is no turning back.  “We tried everything.  We have no money. We must come up with creative solutions to save the state,” the Governor told reporters.

California is a complete and total economic disaster area.  The state government of California is projected to have a budget deficit of at least 19 billion dollars this year, and next year the budget gap is projected to grow to 37 billion dollars.  To put that in perspective, the entire budget for the government of California is only about $125 billion per year.  Already, California’s credit rating is the lowest of all 50 states, and going lower.

“It’s over,” said State Senator Warren Pool of San Jose.

How is California going to get the cash it needs to survive?


At the invitation of Governor Schwarzenegger, Chinese leaders flew to Sacramento to work out a deal to purchase California.  “The deal is that we will still be part of the United States, but China will take over the state government.  They will make all the economic and political decisions within the state, but they will yield to the federal government on national issues.”

“It’s a states rights issue,” said constitutional scholar, Chris Rigaux of Stanford Law School.  “California has the right to manage its own finances without the U.S. government getting in the way.  The state is bankrupt and if China wants to own a piece – or all – of California and lawmakers want to sell the state to them, that’s constitutionally allowed.”

Several California lawmakers strongly disagreed with the decision.  “This is an outrage!”,  said Linda Sunstein, a Republican state senator from San Diego. “California will be under the control of the Chinese.  We will be a communist state!”

“Look, China already owns a good chunk of the United States, they practically own the whole country,” Governor Schwarzenegger told reporters.  “The Chinese seem to know how to run things, get a government in the black.”

Governor Schwarzenegger hopes to complete the deal before the November elections.  Republican Meg Whitman is in a battle with Democratic stalwart Jerry Brown.  “If we close the deal, like I hope we do, we won’t need to have those elections.  The Chinese will just appoint a leader to head the Ministry of California.”

Rumors that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is receiving a $10 billion cash payment from the Chinese, in exchange for his “brokering” of the deal are completely false.   But they may be true.

China already plans on changing the California state emblem from the Bear to the Panda.

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29 thoughts on “CHINA TO BUY CALIFORNIA?”

  1. This is a fake article.
    Appointing a leader, making political decisions. That means California will become an Authoritarian Capitalist State.
    Whoever is writing this article should be shot on site, I just lost half of my brain cells reading this garbage.

    • I think to sweeten the deal we can throw Sarah Palin into the mix … the Chinese have to love her ability to coerce people into voting for her

  2. I guess that means an end to the pensions of the public employees. Hip Hip Hurray! They will have to save like us peasants and actually contribute to a 401K or IRA plan for their retirements rather than sucking us taxpayers dry. That is also good for gold prices since the Chinese government has been telling its people to buy gold and silver to preserve their wealth. Never hear the US government or bankers say that. It wants you to live on credit and debt.

    • You make a very interesting point Guest. But the Chinese peasantry is rarely a position that one would vie for. If you are not aware of the current situation of rural China, its not exactly booming like the rest of the country. So you should not hope to be in these shoes. Also, the US media has been touting its horn for the past 3 months about Gold – don't think that bankers / government don't have influence over these sectors.

  3. This has got to be a fake. If it isn't it is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. I'm sure the people of California would vote against it and I can't be the gov is that stupid. Say it isn't so please!!!!!!!!

  4. The people of California shouldn't have a say in the matter. If they observed a little fiscal restraint they might not be in the largest debt situation in the states history. We could sell California to china and let them take on their massive debt load, illegal alien problems, Nancy pelosi, and energy crisis. Would be a great deal for the country as a whole.

    Obama–Lets do it!

    • Pelosi needs a hot bullet up her ***… as for the 'people' of CA spending … no, nope, nada. Government spending…those in control are really lining their pockets and there is no trickle-down. It's a dreadful disease called grab-what-you-can-right-now.

    • You sound like your an immigrant as well, so maybe you shouldn't be dropping racial slurs like that. Also, in your idiotic scenario whats going to happen to all the amazing Mexican food in California? The Chinese going to make it out of MSG? Can't believe they let idiots like you post

  5. It is about time that Obama make a decision that has a positive economic influence on america. It will be great to finally get rid of california

  6. Like I said before and after nine eleven "about the bail out" is exhausted who will bail us out?
    Well its not wrong and plain a simple right its A California Flight project. Prediction!
    Its in the law Books of our US Gov. Nothing finer than being from china r. They got money
    And always I mean always up and down coastal country's why, OIL and Land.
    Great but sour to many grape owners . Take it or leave the state that is democratic , they're communion country closer to democratic policies , quite frankly it is.
    Is not the new officers problems its a human problem we need GOD.
    Like the good and bad money says . In God we trust.
    California budget committee is a bust period. Said and done.
    He State Gov took the money and run like the dickens and all his quedonsair cast,loll.
    10 Bill and were still hurting were did the money go too? Umm?
    People stand up! Is law!

  7. Losing beautiful California ? Sad. Thanks to the million illigals, It’s scwarcheneger ‘s fault, for not sending them back to Mexico. I recall seeing the percent of domestic

    workers in southern calif, it was

    WAY up there. All the hospital emergency facilities had to close, they were all so overburned with illigal alien care,

    then the hospitals had to go under—- thanks to the illigals. Too bad the movie actor Gov. didnt have the brains Sheriff Joe has, round em up– head em out.

    Just the food stamp burdenby itself,,in los angeles was an unbelievable amount.

    I truly believe the toxic poisons raining down on the citizens of the country have fried the brains of our Politicians to where they DO NOT know how to run a country

    anymore, and the rest of us, are half asleep, complacent

    from the sedatives in those dam chemtrails……..

    Why else could the reason be for no one complaining about

    the slop , making most sick. calling our misery allergies

    And yes, there are sedatives in the C.T.’s …………..

    We white folk ‘s are the minority, Most classrooms are all

    Hispanic. At what cost to US ? Loss of jobs, our identities being stolen, not to mention the drug crime, and the loss of our property that they are stealing out of our back yards. I am Sick of the incompetence of our mystery leader, who don’t give a rip about white citizens of America

    • you are whitrash, its not their fault they want a better place, have you seen mexico? they are in the states doing your dirty work, dont complain, if there were less racism and people like you, and more acceptation, and good people they would not be even ilegals, just people, please go back to your mountain hillbilly, the internet is for smart people

    • Pete, now don't hate! You are just as bad as you stated Joyce above! There are good honest harding working legal people from south of the border. But, there are 30 million who are not here legally and don't pay taxes to help states in need of that revenue. Plus those that don't pay taxes, also don't pay for car insurance when they hit you with their 500.00 dollar car and run out of it and leave you sitting there with your d**k in your hand!

      Turn of the last Century, there was a certain amount of number that was allowed in this country, up till the past 20 years or so. We can not allow everyone who thinks they have the right to come here without asking than this country will jump up to the status of China and India. Do you want to have billions come here and there will be less food or the prices will sky-rocket that even you will be unable to afford. Or we will have water wars in our own country. Water shortages and higher prices that we all we have to pay just so all who come here without asking first! Do you want that for your family and your future grandchildren? These 3rd world people don't want to assimilate and will use our rivers, lakes such as they did in their country they just left.

      And not all are doing "OUR" dirty work! Before they "DID", there were poor Whites, Blacks and Asians who did it.

      One last comment, not to dig on you but,….talk about white trash (whitrash) and go back to your mountain(,) hillbilly. The internet is for smart people(.) ilegal is illegal..ok?

      Your spelling is bad and sentence structure is pathetic. And getting your point across is weak.
      For instance: if there were less racism and people like you, and more acceptation, and good people they would not be even ilegals, just people,(.)
      Because if racism and less people like you, and more acceptation of good people(,) they won't be even illegal. (no s)
      Now just because of certain people in America with these attitudes is the cause of mexicans for being illegal? That doesn't make any sense! But, that is alright, I understand what you are trying to say! 😉

      Now Pete, you should go back to night school for the"little bus" folks such as yourself.
      You are clueless and I'm ashamed of your ignorant rant!

  8. If true, I wonder how all the rich people in the movie business are going to like having to sell their estates worth millions for probably for a lot less than what they paid for! California really does have some of the nicest weather in the U.S. That is why it's so populated in the past 70 years. I can't imagine this really happening to such people as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and all the elite movie brain washers loosing studios, mansions, etc. I don't see or hear anyone selling as of this world shaking news! I guess time will tell..

    • My little brother lives in california though against his will i dont think i could handle that china means trouble

  9. We should never have been elected
    him as governor of California. He's a traitor …. he's wasn't born here….well why would he care about California…he hasn't any emotional attachment to America anyway.
    Heres the solution…stick a dynomite stick up his ass, light the fuse and send him back to Asstria.


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