WASHINGTON –  On the first night of the White House Dance Series, the White House introduced its own dance troupe, Hip-Potus.
Last night was the inaugural performance of the new White House Dance Series.  The White House transformed the East Room into a stage for some of the world’s most talented dancers to strut their stuff.  White Staffers participated in the event. Some of the highlights of the night were the pirouettes done by Rahm Emanuel, the gravity-defying leaps by David Axelrod, and some crazy one-handed spinning handstands by Robert Gibbs.
Michelle Obama, who brought along daughters Sasha and Malia — just home from their first day of school — and mom Marian Robinson, did some serious bumping and grinding herself.  The first lady stole the show from Dayton Tavares, the star of Broadway’s high-flying Billy Elliot, when she did some head spins and leaps across the East Room.
Rahm Emanuel, a former ballerina,  forced his staff to get involved in the dance as well.  Here they are:

The emotional highlight of the evening, though, was the performance of “Revelations” by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  Michell Obama called artistic director Judith Jamison, 67, “an amazing, phenomenal, ‘fly’ woman.”  Judith Jamison called Michelle “an amazing, phenomal, ‘superfly’ woman” and then both women danced in sports bras and shorts to “Brick House.”
President Obama introduced the White House Dance troupe – Hip-Potus –  made up of the assistants to his senior advisors.

The President wanted to be featured dancer in the troupe, but he pulled a groin muscle when he tried to do a harlem shake and a slide.
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were at the event, but when Reid stood up and yelled, “I’m gonna bust a move,”  the President asked him to leave.  Nancy Pelosi did some “footworkin'” but she left when her wig came off.
Hip-Potus will be touring the country in support of the upcoming midterm elections.  Don’t miss it!

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