MIAMI, FL – There was a glaring omission from the second season of the Jersey Shore!
The second season of the Jersey Shore kicked off with a bang. Pauly D and “The Situation” are back for some GTL – over/under for times we’ll be subjected to “The Situation’s” abs? Ronnie is single and ready to do some extreme creeping. Sammie Sweetheart stills loves Ronnie. Snooki and JWoww have more bronzer than a tanning salon. Vinnie might be the only balancing force in the house. All in all, the drama this season looks to make season 1’s look like child’s play.
Weekly World News couldn’t help but notice one glaring omission from the season opener. Bat Boy didn’t make the final cut as producers felt that bringing Angelina back would be a better fit. America’s favorite human had been in contract talks with the show and he was set to be the eighth cast member. In a last minute turn of events, Angelina was added and Bat Boy was placed on the bench.
“Bat Boy certainly brought a different dimension to the cast, which is hard to do considering our assortment of characters,” one producer said, speaking anonymously. “As much as we wanted it to work out, it just wasn’t the right fit. Bat Boy couldn’t stop biting the other cast members and that was causing some tension on the set.”
Bat Boy’s rep let us know that he was devastated when finding out he wasn’t going to be on. He had gone out and completely redone his wardrobe. He bought the latest SMET, Ed Hardy and Affliction clothing and had an inventory of perfectly tight cut offs to accentuate his newly crafted “guns.” He had also shown some impressive fist-pumping skills and Ronnie said “he had some of the creepiest dance moves I’ve seen in a while.”
Despite his biting antics, there seems to be another – more glaring reason – as to why Bat Boy was cut from the second season.
“Snooki just wouldn’t focus when Bat Boy was around,” the producer said. “She was all over him, all the time. So much so that it was making things awkward. Bat Boy was stealing some of the attention away from the other guys and the two of them would always be late for shooting. After a while, we felt that Bat Boy was delaying shooting too much and we were forced to bring Angelina back. She may be annoying, but we were sure nobody liked her so shooting wouldn’t be an issue.”
Despite his heartbreak, Bat Boy is holding out hope for season 3.

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