George Clooney’s girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, made a fatal mistake. She tried on an engagement ring and so, George dumped her.

The 32-year-old slipped a huge yellow diamond sparkler designed by Jacob Arabo on her wedding finger at the Palladium Jewelry launch in New York.  She reportedly told friends told that she was planning on asking George to marry her.

She certainly would make a beautiful bride, but George has already stated repeatedly that is NOT going to get married again.  Sources close to Clooney say the actor was “livid” that Stacy would try on an engagement ring.  He got nervous and… headed for the hills of Lake Como.
Bat Boy was on hand during the Clooney-Keibler feud.  Some say Keibler went home with Bat Boy, but those are just rumors at this point.  WWN is investigating.
Stacy wants him back and sent him more pictures of herself in her favorite bikini:

George was not impressed.  Friends say that he’s seen her in a lot less and besides… “he’s gay.”

WWN can confirm that the pair ended their romance and were set to release a statement any day now regarding the split.  President Barack Obama is going to take time out of his busy day to make the announcement about his friend, George.
“George Clooney is back on the market,” the President will reportedly tell the nation.
Stacy has already told friends that her relationship with the 51-year-old actor was over due to his unwillingness to commit.
WWN caught George is his “getaway from Stacy car”:

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    • Pet,
      Of course he's not gay. I met him, being that I'm a hawaiian here in hawaii, when he made the Descendent film. The man is anything but gay. That's both the truth and a fact. Now, if this story is true that he broke it off because his girl wanted to get married, being that she already knew in advance that he wasn't interested in marriage to NO woman(nor to any man neither..haha) then she fataly thought that she could simply walk into his life, hand out her p*ssy and think that she could do him a favor by trying to change him. But, how wrong she was. He's smart from learning from his first mistake, which was to get married to begin with. Now, she thought she could come up behind from his ex-wife and clean up the mess his ex-wife created but in fact she is really no different than his ex-wife in the manner of 'marrying up' and then getting what she wanted. She thought that she could 'romance' her way into a possible wedding. But, George is smarter than that. Personally, I'm 41 years old, a heterosexual, who has never been married, never had any kids out of wedlock, never been engaged, and don't plan on ever getting married. I'm wealthy and trade the Currency Market for a living. The fact is, no woman can give to me what I can't buy with my money. What he should have done was ask her, "what can you do for me thatI can't buy with my money?". No woman has ever been able to answer that question to my satisfaction….
      Mahalo from hawaii
      Mele Kalikamaka

    • Does ur money keep u warm @ nite? You're doing women a favor by remaining single , Who needs a selfish mate. What can you give a woman that's the question. The answer nothing you are way to in love with yourself & noone gives a sh**t

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