Bobby Kennedy announced today that the Kennedy Family would be honoring Arnold Schwarzenegger for a “lifetime of achievement”.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is on a book tour for his new autobiography “Total Recall”, was at the McNally Jackson bookstore in Soho, New York, when he received word that the Kennedy family wold be honoring him.
“Arnold was shocked to learn of the  award, but he’s always been close to the men in the Kennedy family,” said a source close to Arnold’s nanny.  “He’s honored that they would honor him for the good works he’s done.  And for the women he’s had.”

Bobby Kennedy, who cheated on his ex-wife hundreds of times, feels that Arnold Schwarzenegger should not be judged for his one “indiscretion” but should be judged on the totality of his life.  “All men have affairs and cheat on their wives with the nanny or babysitter or assistant or friend or hooker or check-out girl or their lawyers – it’s part of who we are,” Bobby reportedly told the press.
“Arnold was a known pot smoker and womanizer.  That’s what his film ‘Pumping Iron’ was all about,” a friend of Bobby’s reportedly said.  “He’s the perfect Kennedy.”
Arnold’s love child and love child’s Momma had no comment about Arnold’s award:

Maria Shriver was NOT happy when she heard the news.   Friends of her said she went into an uncontrollable laughing fit:

Meanwhile, fans are lining up to get a copy Arnold’s book.
Many women of the book signing were hoping that Arnold would pick them up and use them for his own sexual gratification.  “I don’t care if he cheated on Maria.  I can make him mine forever,” said Annika Burman told WWN.
Reactions of people at the book signing varied – one man on a bike cheered “Schwarzenegger!” while a teen sucked his teeth and  walked away.  Several young woman vomited when they saw his “leathery skin.”

On the topic of former California governor’s infidelities, many people at the book signing were disappointed in him, but still say they admire him, “this man has conquered three different professions,” said on escort who came to the book signing, “I mean, it’s an amazing life.”
And so that’s why Bobby Kennedy wants to honor Arnold.  Bobby also announced that former President Bill Clinton will be the master of ceremonies for the event and will personally give Arnold his Kennedy his medal of honor.

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