WASHINGTON –  Several days after Michele Bachmann won approval for The Tea Party Caucus in the House, Nancy Pelosi has announced she will join.
Speaker of the House Pelosi made this statement, “Even though there are many cross-dressers, nail-biters and bedwetters in this Republican caucus, I think by joining I can finally get them to think straight.”  She explained that Republicans have a long history of  closeted sexual behavior and the “best way to win over Tea Party members is to go their caucus meetings, tie them up and beat them.  That’s what they want, and that’s what I’ll give them.  Really, it’s very similar to the way I work with every other Caucus.”
When Jake Tapper  of ABC asked her why she was dressed as dominatrix for the press conference, Pelosi said “Oh, I just forgot to change.  I’m tired of being subtle and many Republican House members love it, particularly Representative Pete Sessions of Texas… he’s a bad boy, a really bad boy.”  Pelosi snapped her whip toward Rep. Sessions, who then barked like a dog.
Michelle Bachman, who originally extended the invitation to Pelosi to join the Tea Party Caucus as a political move, was a bit skeptical “I’ve never been a fan of Pelosi’s techniques, especially when she makes me dress up as Eleanor Roosevelt and sing union songs.”  But other Tea Party Caucus members were more upbeat about Pelosi’s decision. “I love it when Nancy puts me in a corset thong and makes me crawl across the floor, while telling me I don’t need to read the bills, I just need to sign them,” said Mike Pence, Representative of Indiana, who managed to step away from his mirror to talk to WWN.
Gary G. Miller, a Representative from California said, “I wholeheartedly welcome Nancy into our new caucus. I’ve always loved her legislative approach. I particularly like it when she attaches electrodes to my testicles. It really helps me understand the issues better.”
When asked if she thought members of the Tea Party Caucus were racists, Speaker Pelosi said, “Racists? No, no, no… the Tea Party is just a bunch of old Klan members with bad teeth.”
Joe Wilson, the Representative who yelled “you lie” at President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress, said that he intends to yell that phrase repeatedly at Pelosi during Tea Party Caucus meetings. Pelosi responded, “Oh, he just wants more of my attention.  I’ll just put a ball gag in his mouth and slap him around for an hour.  He loves being my bitch.”
The Tea Party will meet in the dungeon of The Capitol every Wednesday at 4 a.m.

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  1. T\\This posted like it actually happened, another lie which is not surprising coming from the far right which shows itself to be the biggest liars in history.

    • There really are elements of the Klan in their ranks. They are starting to attack innocent people. They just killed black man and drug his body through a Black neighborhood. Intimidation is starting, the Klan in alive in the Tea Party.

    • Typical libturds a bunch criminals free loader a s s slamer ,lazies Pimp,drug dealer crackhead ,sex offender crooks lier cowards fat ugly disgusting , most Klan come from democraps like u

    • Yeah and where did that occur Vicky? Because I am sure if your claims were true it would have been everywhere on the news, since it would take down the Tea Party but good and we all know that is what the MSM has been after forever. Please ….do try to come up with a more believable story if you're gonna spread a lie.

  2. The Tea Party is the Ku Klux Klan posing as a religious figure political who's intention are to disrupt American lives. Deceiving innocent white people.

  3. Thank you again Frank Lake for telling the American people the truth with no regard for yourself. I know if you fall into Pelosis evil clutches then Batboy will have to rescue you again. God bless you Frank Lake.

  4. I need something to remove that awful picture of Pelosi in that S&M garb from my brain ….I am blind!!!!!!!!!

  5. Typical name calling in the left wing can't win an argument by facts, they make up their own, Segue off the subject, Insinuate or smear, and then Mame calling. Is that the best you arrogant left wing left in the dark can come up with? good grief charlie brown, get outta town!


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