SEATTLE –  Police are using a new tool for law enforcement that neutralizes suspects by temporarily blinding them with a green laser.
While guns, tasers and pepper spray will still be used by the police, they have a disadvantage because they can cause physical pain and damage. The Dazer Laser emits a “modulating pool of green light” that “temporarily blinds and disorients a suspect, ” according to the Seattle Police Department.  They went on to say that the weapon does not cause damage to the eyes, even at close range.
Those promoting the Dazer Laser claim that it is effective from as close as three feet and as far away as a mile-and-a-half. The potential police tool would not be sold to the public and would “require a security code to activate,” explains Chief of Police, Mark Hadlock.
The Seattle police are also considering these new tools:
1) THE PERP WHISTLE: This is a sound device that works in a similar way to dog whistles. The police officers blow the whistle and only criminals can hear it.  The criminals, who will be driven nuts by the high-frequency sound, will come running into the police station
2) THE EAR SPLITTER: This is a simpler device.  When police officers encounter a suspect, they will blow a horn that goes up to 145 decibels.  The suspect’s ear drums are temporarily damaged. The suspect will be in excruciating pain for several minutes and then, according to police, their ears will return to normal
3) THE BRAIN SCRAMBLER: This is a combination of The Ear Splitter and The Dazer Laser. When encountering a suspect, the officers shoot a blinding light accompanied by a high-decibel sound. This causes the suspect’s brain to go into a massive seizure  It’s only temporary though.  The suspect will recover and will once again learn how to walk and talk.
4) THE HEART DART:   A dart that officers shoot directly at a suspect’s heart. This causes the suspect’s heart to temporarily explode.  The suspect is then taken to the hospital and when the dart is pulled out – voila! – the suspect’s heart returns to normal.
The goal is to neutralize suspects, cause them extreme physical harm – temporarily – and then to determine whether they actually committed a crime or not.
You can see the Dazer Laser in action here:

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  1. Police using nonPolice using non-lethal weapons can save lives, however those benefits can prove a net loss.
    Prior to police having access to non-lethal weapons, police were restrained for example using guns against protesters causing an unlawful disturbance otherwise Police could cause serious injury or death. Police with batons could deal only with a limited number of protesters.
    Increasingly Police are reported using excessive non-lethal force e.g. Taser Guns and other supposed non-lethal weapons against Citizens when it isn’t justified, perhaps because they can. It was reported last week police used a Taser Gun on an 84-year old woman while she was in bed.
    Now that police have new laser guns that can flash blind thousands of protesters at a time, it is problematic police may unjustifiably blind protesters, crushing their right to free speech, because a few demonstrators caused an unlawful disturbance. Should police or U.S. government be perceived by Americans, using non-lethal weapons as lasers to thwart free speech and lawful dissent, to where Citizens are afraid to protest, history has shown Citizens go underground and many have become extremely violent against a perceived despot police or government state. When British forces in Northern Ireland excessively used non-lethal weapons against Irish Catholic populations, it resulted in the community increasing their support for the IRA.
    Non-lethal weapons if not used appropriately by police can trigger the violence the purported non-lethal weapons were meant to avoid.
    -lethal weapons can save lives, however those benefits can prove a net loss.


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