The North Koreans and the Iranians have joined the international effort to defend earth against the alien spaceships.

The North Koreans had been reluctant to work with the U.S. and the west in defending our planet against the approaching aliens ships from Planet Gootan.  But yesterday, the North Koreans said that their army is mobilized and ready to fight the Gootans.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong il told Vladmir Putin, who has taken charge of global Alien Defense Systems, that his armies, weaponry and missiles are all available to be used against the aliens.   Kim Jong il went further and wanted to take the reins and lead the effort, but after speaking to Hu Jintao of China, Jong il was satisfied to take a supporting role.
“The North Koreans have the best army on this planet and we are the best able to fight any aliens,” Jong il told Putin on a conference call heard by WWN.

The mainstream media around the world continue to coverup this story and they continue to scrub the internet of all stories related to the alien attack.  WWN repeatedly has to re-post and use our internal algorithms (which took us years to develop) to bypass the cyber attacks on our site.
After the North Koreans said they were ready to fight, the Iranians quickly joined in as well.  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Putin that the Iranians would participate and, also said, that he was willing to take a leadership role in the defense of the planet.

Both the Iranians and the North Koreans fired test missiles in advance of the attack.

The Americans and Europeans were skeptical of the involvement of the North Koreans and Iranians, but there is no other choice.  If the alien spaceships land near North Korean or Iran – or near those countries – the world needs those countries to work with the global community.  If they don’t the whole world could be vulnerable.
Banesh Bannerjee of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials was extremely pleased to learn that the Iranians and North Koreans are now “on board” with the global community.  In fact, this is the first time in the history of the planet that every country on earth has agreed on any one proposal, or course of action.
“It’s remarkable to see how simple it is to get every country to agree, when we have a common goal – a common enemy.   This whole process has been enlightening.”
Bannerjee said that he is hoping that it’s not too little, too late.   “We only have two days left before the attack.  Let’s hope the global community, under the leadership of Vladmir Putin, can put together a strong defense.”
Meanwhile, President Obama played two more rounds of golf.  Reportedly, he will be taken to his alien defense bunker on the 29th.
WWN will continue to report on the attack – and work to keep our stories up on the internet.

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23 thoughts on “ALIEN ATTACK (UPDATE 11.27)”

  1. I would hope that's true, but somehow I do not want to believe.
    I wonder what WWN write on November 30. Maybe that withdraws Aliens?
    Interesting …

  2. I can not wait to see your reply when the day after tommorow comes on what you will say about the alien attack hahahaha hope its a good one mate…

  3. Thank the Gods that Kim Jung iL along with the military of DPRNK -I understand he has single handly defeated them both in this life and in previous life.The world thanks you once again oH! illustrious Center Brain.Take this as a fair warning You -You Gootans.All Hail Kim

  4. Los dos cruceros de la Tierra donados por la civilización de Marte no sirven de nada son pura chatarra. No son capaces de interceptar un simple platillo de Gootan. ¿Cuando va a salir la nueva nave de combate que se construye en el Area 51?

  5. I love reading this 'news'paper and it's fantastical stoeries. I have since the mid 80's Question, if these aliens have never contacted us before, how the (censor) do we know what planet they are from?

  6. This wud b fantastic that all the world r workin together.the start towards complete world peace. But im findin the whole story hard to believe.

  7. Sat here now watching scooby doo and Loony tunes for the next installments for this story we’ve already had 2010 now its 2011 then 2012 what’s next just live your lives to the best you can until the end because I can guarantee two things in life what will happen they are you pay taxes then you die

  8. as per now we have to belive it because until now we have many several examples in moon area about fossils of the aliens …hence i am from india ….as my home sweet home(mother) is this earth if any one hurt it or make it destroy we will fight it until their heads become on our mother feet…

  9. i can't believe there's still other planets exist…. and i was so confused…how on earth do they know the name of the alien's planet?

  10. If these aliens are actually angels, and if one angel can destroy 165,000 in one night and if God with His almighty power can turn His enemies against each other earth has no chance. But if they are demonic then we need to watch out.

  11. This is NOT True its Just a Story About Getting All Countrys Unite For One Common Cause TOGETHER instead of Fighting Eachother' its an Attempt to Unite Our people all Over Our Planet …But as For Being True? No Even if there was Millions of Aliens in Just Our Galaxy? they Would Never Find This Planet even if they Looked For it for Millions of yrs, So Don,t Be Nervous' its Just a Story'


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