CHERRY LANE, MD – Frosty the Snowman was hit with pepper spray and arrested during the annual Christmas parade in Maryland.
Frosty did not resist arrest, but cops still pepper-sprayed him and took him downtown.  Reports are that he was not “jolly” or  “happy” when taken in.
Frosty was charged with attacking the police and kicking at a police dog.

Sgt. Jacob Bolgis said that Frosty became agitated when a dog-handling officer tried to escort him away from the crowd.  The cops thought that it was strange that a snowman was hanging out with children.  “He should be with adults, not children.  We were worried for the kids safety.  If it were a snowkid, we would let it go, but it wasn’t right,” said Bolgis.
Frosty has been an integral part of the parade for the last 10 years.  He came to Maryland last week – by boat.

Frosty says he did nothing wrong and was wrongfully arrested.  His lawyer has  charged the cops with police brutality because Frosty was placed in a room that was above 40 degrees.  “He was kept in there for thirty minutes.  They could’ve killed him,” said Chuck Martino, Frosty’s attorney.
The other prisoners in the jail were happy that Frosty was arrested.   “He laughed and played and kept popping out his coal eyes and juggling them,” said Jono Jackson of Baltimore.   “He really brightened up the place.  It was just a b*tch that they took away his broomstick.  Frosty was really good with that, guy really knows how to twirl that thing.”
Frosty should be released in time for Christmas.

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