CAPE CANAVERAl, FL  – NASA launched  an anti-alien rocket into space on Saturday.   It’s mission – stop the approaching ships from Planet Gootan!

The mainstream media is reporting that NASA launched it’s new Mars rover this  morning, but WWN has learned from sources inside NASA that the rocket launched today was an anti-extraterrestrial missile targeting the three advancing alien spaceships from Planet Gootan.
NASA estimates that it will take two days for rocket to reach the alien spaceships, which are hovering near our Moon.   NASA, working in conjunction with the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials and the Alien Defense Systems set up in Russia and China, plans to launch ten more rockets in an attempt to stop the alien spaceships BEFORE they enter the earth’s atmosphere.

The rocket was affectionately  named “The Spielberg” (after director Steven Spielberg) was launched into a cloudy late morning sky.  More than frenzy  13,000 guests jammed the space center, thinking they were watching a Mars rover being launched.
“It was a head fake,” said Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  “The Martians are not our problem at the moment.  We are faced with a real and credible threat from the Gootans.  We were forced to take action, and the world is hoping that the The Spielberg will hit its target.”

NASA astrobiologist Jyoti Conbuiatta, whose carbon compound-seeking instrument is on the rocket, had a shirt custom made for the occasion. Her bright blue, short-sleeve blouse was emblazoned with rockets, planets and the words, “Next stop, Gootans!”
Conbiatta umped, cheered and snapped pictures as the rocket blasted off a few miles away.
President Obama, Vladmir Putin and Chinese President Hu Jintao – watched the rocket launch on closed-circuit video.  All three world leaders were working together and it was going smoothly.
“It’s ironic.  This attack from Gootan, might just be the thing to bring peace to earth.  World leaders are coming together to defend the planet,” said Begley.
Here’s one of the Gootan ships seen hovering near our moon.

The Spielberg is described as a “rocket on steroids,” said NASA’s Greg Hartman, assistant associate administrator for science. “It’s an order of magnitude more capable than anything we have ever launched anywhere.”
Let’s all hope the rocket hits it’s target…

46 thoughts on “ALIEN ATTACK (UPDATE 11.26)”

  1. lolxxxxxxxxxxxx man..i really cant stop myself laughing…its damn ridiculous. :D…this man john flake or whatever he is…all these fukin stupid articles written by him in the whole google search results :D….haha..a fool trying to make a fool of others……hats off flake!!!…actually cloths off 😛 ..for a wonderful book even popular than harry potter 😀

  2. anyway im going to get my tinfoil helmet ready just incase they do arrive so they wont be able to control my mind . 3 or 4 layers should do it lol

  3. wow…!!! kind of rediculous justlet them come if its true we have enough world bombs to finish them off anyways….besides they might just be friendly…un less we kept them hostages in the past and abuse their knoledge ..So maybe they are just pissed the hell out…sick an tired of all the rummors….let nature take its place…stop playing GOD

  4. Well the articles both share simalar interests extraterestrial life.but one is far fetched.I’m going with the old picture of the craft floating above the moon is the far fetched one

  5. ok , dude, get your facts right , , besides you wont need a tin foil helmet when all they need to do is drop a virus in our atmosphere then leave , then come back later when we r all dead , any way aliens are already here , the are the ones in power now , reptilians or little green men they are already here , as long as we are happy in our own little bubbles of reality they own us, they controll what we eat , see and do , ppppft aliens commin , dont look up into space,,look around you instead ,

  6. How about respecting the bill of rights and postponing our attack until we can arrive at a proper
    miranda rights translation in the Gootan language.Ron Paul should bring this up at the next GOP debate….we must not sacrifice liberty for the sake of security

  7. oh and bythe way ,,,GOOTAN , sounds like a old flash gordon name ,, ,lol dude thanks for showing every one, ha ha ha , oh and if aliens really attack on that day , i swear b 4 i am disintergrated ill run back here and appologize lol

  8. La France s'oppose de toutes ses forçes à ce nouvel acte de barbarie de l'impérialisme
    américain.Le conseil de sécurité de l'ONU en sera saisi dès aujourd'hui…..non mais!

  9. dont know about they around our moon but somethin makes me feel people needs to get ready for the great ever top news we are not alone and i be not surprised when they come hey the warning red flag is here is up to u if u be ignorant or figth back


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